7 Rocking Reasons DiamondGlow is Our Top Facial

7 Rocking Reasons DiamondGlow is Our Top Facial | RefinedMD

7 Rocking Reasons DiamondGlow is Our Top Facial

When it comes to getting a facial, you have a lot of choices—but there’s been a real standout in recent years. DiamondGlow is easily the most popular facial treatment at RefinedMD (and at clinics around the globe). This 3-in-1 treatment that simultaneously exfoliates, extracts gunk from pores, and bathes the skin in hand-picked medical-grade topicals uses genuine diamond-crushed tips for maximum exfoliation and extraction. Your provider has a selection of tips for different skin types and issues, so what you experience is 30 luxe minutes of a real diamond treatment.

Everyone loves diamonds, but there might be a few things you don’t know about the gems that take your facial to the next level. Check out these “diamond do’s” and discover why celebs can’t get enough of this treatment:

1. Diamonds aren’t only clear. Contrary to popular belief, natural diamonds come in all shapes and sizes, as well as colors. The color of a diamond is dictated by the minerals around it when it is formed. Although “colorless” diamonds are the most popular, you can actually get diamonds in virtually any color. Many are much rarer and, thus, more expensive than colorless diamonds (just take a look at some celebrity engagement rings). Will your diamond-tipped treatment be totally colorless or have a slight hue to it? There’s only one way to find out.

2. Most diamonds come from the same place. There are just five countries that supply the majority of diamonds to the world, comprising 90 percent of the diamond supply. The two leading countries are Botswana and Russia, followed by South Africa, Canada, and Angola. You won’t know for certain where “your” diamonds come from, but now you have a pretty good idea. Who knew your treatment came from the other side of the globe?

3. Diamonds are really blowing up. How exactly are diamonds formed? Deep underground, and then they are brought to the surface via volcanic eruptions. However, not just any explosion will yield a diamond. A special “kimberlite eruption” is required, which means serious pressure from expanding gasses takes place. This doesn’t happen often. Contrary to popular belief, diamonds aren’t in vast supply (even though most jewelry stores have a decent supply). According to researchers, the last kimberlite eruption was over 10 billion years ago. Until 300 years ago, most diamonds were found in India—but when supplies began to run short (thanks to a lack of those eruptions), miners started to look elsewhere.

4. Diamonds aren’t the strongest substance on Earth. They’re pretty tough, which is why they make for great exfoliators, but they’re actually only the hardest natural material on the Mohs Scale. Actually, lonsdaleite and wurtzite boron nitride are harder than diamonds. These two substances are created during supernovas and are not only tough, but very heavy. In other words, you’re probably not going to find them included in any jewelry (or facials) any time soon.

5. Most diamonds aren’t actually used in jewelry. We often think of diamonds as musts for our jewelry, but they are more often used in drilling and cutting. Think drill bits, grinders, saw blades—and, of course, the DiamondGlow facial! Almost 80 percent of mined diamonds aren’t suitable for jewelry, but instead are used to get some of the most pressing jobs done.

6. Lab-grown diamonds are having a moment (but not in facials). It might seem like lab-grown diamonds are all the rage right now, but in fact the first ones were created 70 years ago. The main benefit of lab-grown diamonds is that they are flaw-free and much less expensive than real diamonds. Chemically and structurally, these diamonds might be identical to mined diamonds, but are they really the same? Regardless of how you feel about the synthetic vs. “real” debate, know that the diamonds used in DiamondGlow are genuine. You only get the real deal with this facial.

The DiamondGlow is the ultimate treatment for those who want skin that is instantly dewy, clearer, more youthful, and brighter. There’s no downtime and DiamondGlow can help with many of the most common skin issues including dullness and poor texture. However, those with open lesions such as active acne breakouts should wait until skin has healed a bit before booking a DiamondGlow session. Don’t worry, for those with skin that’s not very happy right now, we offer the HydraFacial (there’s no diamonds, but it’s a wet-vac treatment suitable for certain open lesions). Learn more and book your facial today by calling RefinedMD or filling out the online contact form.