Busting Cellulite Myths: Here’s What Really Works

Busting Cellulite Myths: Here’s What Really Works | RefinedMD

Busting Cellulite Myths: Here’s What Really Works

Over 90 percent of women have cellulite, oftentimes on their buttocks. RefinedMD offers Qwo, the latest injectable that actually gets rid of cellulite (not just its appearance) for months. However, there are a lot of lingering myths about what causes cellulite—and a lot of questions about how Qwo works. Contrary to popular belief, cellulite is not a sign of a bad diet, aging, or poor muscle tone. Even quite young, very fit people have cellulite, though it is much more common in men than women.

The good news is that cellulite is a cosmetic concern. However, this can make a person have low self-esteem, especially when swimsuit season rolls around. Curiously, cellulite wasn’t always seen as an “imperfection,” with a number of famed artworks featuring female cellulite in a way that makes it clear it was considered attractive. Unfortunately, that was during a different era and today one of the biggest complaints women have is about their cellulite. For years little could be done about it—but then Qwo arrived.

Cellulite Beliefs that aren’t True

To understand how Qwo works, you have to consider the long-held beliefs about cellulite that just aren’t true. The first is that you can “diet” cellulite away. A healthy diet and exercise are important for overall health, but it’s not going to do anything for cellulite. Weight loss and cellulite reduction just don’t go hand in hand because cellulite is caused by connective tissue that links muscles to skin, which creates a matrix in which fat pushes through. We’ve all seen photos of fit celebs with cellulite, so it’s time to put to rest the idea that diets and workouts equate to zero cellulite.

In fact, another long-held belief is that cellulite occurs because a person doesn’t work out enough. Strength training increases muscle tone (size) and is important for health, but it’s not doing much to remove cellulite. The myth that only those who are overweight develop cellulite also has to go. It’s true that cellulite might be more obvious in those carrying extra weight, but it can still be found in people who are at a healthy weight. Fat is required for cellulite development, but not very much of it is needed.

Cellulite Facts

For many years, a number of topical treatments were recommended to help with cellulite. The reality is that topicals aren’t going to do anything except subtly minimize cellulite’s appearance. Skin needs to be hydrated to be healthy, so if you have dry skin then cellulite appearance will be amplified. However, there’s no lotion, cream, or ointment that does anything for cellulite besides hydrate the skin and make the area look better. Moisturizing is going to improve the skin’s appearance no matter what so, YES, moisturize but don’t expect it to erase cellulite.

There’s also the idea that liposuction is a cellulite treatment—it’s not. In fact, sometimes liposuction can make cellulite look worse because it highlights ripples and dimples in the treatment site. Some think that the right type of compress clothing “treats” cellulite, but this is only effective for a few hours (if at all). There are only two treatments for cellulite. One is a minor surgery in which the fibrous bands causing cellulite are severed (they will reattach in a few years). The other is Qwo, which is a minimally invasive series of injections requiring no incisions.

Get Mo’ Qwo

Qwo is the first FDA-approved treatment for cellulite. Most clients require three sessions of injections with up to 12 injections per appointment. These sessions are scheduled 3 weeks apart. Currently, Qwo is only approved for treating the buttocks of women (sorry, fellas). Bruising is common after a Qwo treatment, but easy to hide given the treatment site.

Qwo targets the structure below the skin’s surface that causes cellulite, releasing the bands for a smoother appearance. It’s a chemical means of undoing cellulite with results that last for several months. Qwo can then be repeated when bands “reattach” months or even years (in some cases) after the initial round of injections. Currently, Qwo is the only true treatment for cellulite that does not require incisions. If you’d like to learn more about Qwo, get in touch with RefinedMD today by calling the office, starting an online chat, or filling out the online form to schedule your consultation.