CoolSculpting + Qwo: Whoa!

CoolSculpting + Qwo: Whoa! | RefinedMD, Los Gatos + San Jose

CoolSculpting + Qwo: Whoa!

These two body sculpting treatments go hand in hand, and both are available at RefinedMD. You probably know about CoolSculpting, or at least have heard about it. This game-changing non-surgical treatment literally freezes away small amounts of fat for customized body sculpting and contouring. It’s been available since the 1990s and its science began in the 1970s, but it’s far from vintage. Cryolipolysis is the technique of exposing unwanted fat to precise cold temperatures for just the right amount of time to “kill” fat cells. However, CoolSculpting continues to evolve to make the treatment even faster, more precise, and capable of decreasing more fat per session.

Today, you can get CoolSculpting just about anywhere, from large areas like the stomach and flanks to the smallest areas like the chin and below the bum. This area, right below the buttocks, is known as the “banana roll” when there is excess fat here. Just so you know: your buttocks should only have one hump per side. We’re all about body positivity, but if you have a banana roll there’s a good chance you’re self-conscious and not the first to strip off your coverup at the pool or beach. But what if it’s not just a banana roll that’s got you down? Cellulite most commonly happens here, too.

Qwo for Cellulite

Unlike fat removal, cellulite is a trickier beast. For years there was no effective treatment for this benign but frustrating condition. Creams and other topicals don’t work to remove the cause, though the appearance of cellulite will improve if your skin is hydrated (so feel free to continue lotioning up your behind). There is also a painstakingly long surgery that snips the fibrous threads that cause cellulite. This solution doesn’t last forever, can be painful, and of course is a surgery (albeit a minor one). Enter Qwo, the first FDA-approved injectable for cellulite.

Qwo works by injecting an enzyme into the buttocks of female clients that actually dissolves those bands causing cellulite. Three treatments are needed spaced three weeks apart. Qwo really works and results last up to two years. There is no treatment or procedure, surgical or otherwise, that lasts forever when it comes to cellulite removal. However, be forewarned: the bruising with Qwo can be intense, but of course short-lived. That means autumn and winter are prime seasons to get Qwo injections as you are less likely to be at the beach or wearing booty shorts.

Combining Qwo and CoolSculpting

Technically you can certainly get Qwo and CoolSculpting at the same time, but keep that bruising in mind. If you want to CoolSculpt your banana roll, that’s not going to be a very comfortable experience if you’re in the midst of Qwo bruising. Instead, it’s often recommended to get Qwo first, allow for that brief healing, and then commence with CoolSculpting the banana roll. However, if you just can’t wait to get started, you can always get Qwo injections and then CoolSculpt other areas of the body like the stomach, upper arms, or back.

We can schedule back-to-back appointments, such as 30 minutes of CoolSculpting a non-buttocks area followed by Qwo injections. Qwo requires 21 days between each of the three sessions while CoolSculpting typically calls for 4 – 6 cycles spaced 30 days apart, so you won’t be overlapping beyond the first appointment.

Other Ways to Amp Up the Behind

Minimizing the banana roll and cellulite is a great way to boost your backside confidence. You can also upgrade to medical-grade skin care products, including moisturizers, for even better results. Our online and in-office store exclusively features leading products backed by science. Our skin is the biggest organ we have, and you don’t want to neglect any part of it—including your bum. We can work with you to determine hydration options that really work so you can make the most of CoolSculpting and Qwo.

If you’re struggling to perk up your butt, you might also consider Emsculpt in this area. Building muscle is a great way to not only turn back the clock but also further decrease the visibility of cellulite. The bum is one of the most popular places to get Emsculpt, and just like CoolSculpting, it is entirely non-invasive and takes about six months to see full results. Emsculpt of the derriere and CoolSculpting of the banana roll are two treatments that can often be scheduled during one appointment. Schedule your consult or appointment at RefinedMD now by calling the office or filling out the online contact form.