DiamondGlow Exemplifies Luxury and Customization

DiamondGlow Exemplifies Luxury and Customization | RefinedMD

DiamondGlow Exemplifies Luxury and Customization

Forget those bathroom facials you’ve been giving yourself. If you really want your skin to shine, that’s going to require customized, in-office treatments using the latest technologies—and that means DiamondGlow. It’s the most-requested facial at RefinedMD and, increasingly, around the world and with good reason. It uses real diamonds to exfoliate the skin, and every DiamondGlow session is different because it’s individualized to your skin at the moment of treatment. This three-step process requires just 30 minutes and results in skin that is supple, smooth, and truly glowing.

DiamondGlow can actually be customized thanks to a variety of different crushed-diamond heads because, you know, #totallycustomized. Armed with “3 X 1 technology,” DiamondGlow exfoliates, extracts, and infuses the skin in quick succession. SkinMedica medical-grade topical products are exclusively used in tandem with DiamondGlow, and the Pro-Infusion Serums are tailored just for you. These three steps are a must to get skin clean and clear, but DiamondGlow approaches them in a way that is not attainable at home. Let’s take a look.

Diamond Steps

Exfoliation is the first step in prepping skin for being bathed in topicals. However, exfoliation is a lot more than getting the skin clean (that you can do at home!). It’s also about removing the superficial layer of dead skin cells to reveal brighter, more youthful skin below the surface. This top layer is typically what makes skin look dull, and can even lead to issues like breakouts in some cases. Plus, exfoliation, when performed properly, can even help encourage higher cell turnover so your skin will continue to look better. Diamonds are a fantastic tool for exfoliation because they are strong, cut to be gritty in this case, and also double as a fab tool for extraction.

DiamondGlow works so fast that exfoliation, extraction, and infusion nearly happen at the same time. As soon as the skin is exfoliated, DiamondGlow gets to work on clearing out those pores. Removing the gunk from pores alone helps them look smaller. Everyone struggles with clogged pores thanks to topicals like sunscreen and makeup, pollution, and dead skin cells. This leads to oversized pores, dullness, and, again, in some cases breakouts when sebum gets caught in the hair follicle. Plus, making sure pores are as clean and clear as possible is a must for SkinMedica topicals to work their magic.

Bathing the Skin in Beauty

SkinMedica is one of the most revered lines of products, and there’s a serum for everyone! Whether you need to address hyperpigmentation (including melasma), UV damage, fine lines and wrinkles, acne scarring, or any of the other 3,000+ skin conditions, a DiamondGlow sets you up for success. You’ll work with a provider to select the best serums for you, so that you can be sure you’ll end your appointment washed in hand-picked topicals.

Of course, sunscreen is also applied to the skin after your treatment (SkinMedica has an amazing sunscreen). DiamondGlow is powerful, and yet so gentle that no downtime is required. Skin might look a bit pink for a couple of hours, but mostly what you’ll notice is the glow and the super-soft texture. If you have a big event, you can even get a DiamondGlow the day of—it’s that gentle and the results are so amazing you’ll want to show it off right away.

Combining Treatments

Some clients like to double down on their skin care and add other treatments onto their DiamondGlow. This is a great way to maximize benefits. One of the best matches for DiamondGlow is microneedling. Microneedling is a collagen induction therapy, so those results take a few weeks to appear. However, microneedling also creates a lot of tiny channels in the skin, which will help SkinMedica topicals really sink into the skin. If you add on microneedling, not only do you get the immediate results of DiamondGlow, but you get to look forward to more collagen and, in turn, more youthful and clearer skin in the coming weeks.

Are you ready to get diamond beautiful? DiamondGlow can be performed on any skin tone and type (those with open wounds will need to wait until their skin is healed first—but otherwise, there are virtually no limitations). Call RefinedMD to schedule your diamond experience, or simply complete the online form for the quickest response.