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As an inclusive dermatology practice serving Los Gatos and greater San Jose, we offer full-service treatments for all your skin care needs. Cosmetic procedures often complement medical treatments, such as pairing acne treatments with esthetic procedures to minimize and reduce scarring. There are limitations of insurance coverage with esthetic procedures, but we’ll help you with a payment plan that works for you. Let’s meet the team.

Nagmeh | Refined Dermatology, Los Gatos and San Jose, California

Nagmeh Swartz, Esthetic Coordinator

Nagmeh is the official point-woman with many appointments. At your first cosmetic consultation, she will introduce you to the practice, listen to your specific concerns, and give you some foundational insight about ways we can help you—and your skin. Nagmeh will help you formulate questions that you may want to ask our clinical staff, and give you concierge-level guidance throughout your initial consultation. She’ll become an important point of contact on your journey towards better skin.

Nagmeh comes from the corporate world of marketing, and is originally from Sweden. She earned her Esthetics License in California when she moved to the United States. Nagmeh has traveled the world and is an expert in all types of skin and concerns. Her passion is educating patients, and she specializes in customized consultations. With an inquisitive mind, insatiable thirst for knowledge, and deep desire to help her clients achieve their skin care goals, you’ll quickly forgive her for having that maddeningly perfect Swedish complexion (don’t worry, she’ll help you get there, too!).

She speaks fluent English, Swedish, Farsi, and some French, helping patients from around the globe feel right at home. “I’m very passionate about learning and self-development,” Nagmeh says. “During my consultations, I can share that knowledge and research with our patients as well, and that is so rewarding to me.” Nagmeh enjoys fitness, being active, and is a strong believer that great skin also comes from within.

Refined Dermatology Estheticians

Ah, estheticians. By design (and talent), they are experts in the nature and appreciation of art—and our skin is without a doubt their best canvas. Refined Dermatology proudly boasts some of the most highly skilled estheticians (ahem, artists) in the field, offering the most effective esthetic treatments such as chemical peels, extractions, Dermalinfusion, and facials. Contact the Refined Dermatology office today to schedule your appointment with one of our incredible estheticians.

Hannah | Refined Dermatology, Los Gatos and San Jose, California

Hannah Thieu- Merrel, Esthetician

Hannah has been an esthetician since 2005, specializing in dermatology since 2008. In other words, she’s seen many skin care trends come and go, but has always specialized in acne treatment and facial rejuvenation utilizing the latest proven products and technology. Her knowledge of a rich variety of skin care lines makes her a ringer should there ever be a trivia night for dermatology (if you find one, let her know), and Hannah individualizes every patient’s regimen for the best results.

She calls her career “a blessing and a privilege” because she knows how important healthy skin is for holistic health. By helping people achieve clear and healthy skin, she’s helping to boost self-esteem and self-worth. Who wouldn’t love that as part of their job description?

Maricela Esthetician Refined Dermatology, Los Gatos + San Jose

Maricela, Esthetician

Maricela received her California State License as an esthetician in 2011 where she began her career teaching at an advanced esthetic school. She was able to help students with facials and chemical peels; however, as a master with facial massages, she taught the technique for lymphatic massages. A method she uses here at Refined Dermatology – actually her skills are so relaxing she had Eric (if you don’t know him, you will) snoring during the treatment.

Maricela’s passion in skin care is driven by results. She understands every patient is different and takes the time to recommend a treatment plan specifically for the patient. The biggest compliment is when someone can see the improvement their skin. For Maricela, hearing those stories from patients is what it is all about.

Now that you’ve learned about our estheticians, they’d love to learn about you and your skin care goals. Call 408-384-3845 and make your appointment at Refined Dermatology today.

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