Forget the Filter with Qwo for Cellulite

Forget the Filter with Qwo for Cellulite | RefinedMD, Los Gatos + San Jose

Forget the Filter with Qwo for Cellulite

Kendrick Lamar isn’t the only one “sick and tired of the Photoshop,” and with Qwo you’ll get the summer body confidence you deserve—no filter required! Cellulite affects over 90 percent of women and a good percentage of men, but at RefinedMD we have the latest treatment to actually remove cellulite for several months! Many slender, ultra-fit celebrities have been photographed with cellulite during beach season, so it’s safe to say this common and harmless condition isn’t due to excess weight. In fact, it simply occurs when fat (even a tiny amount!) “squeezes” through the fibrous bands right below the skin’s surface. It’s most common in women because cellulite most often occurs on the buttocks, where women naturally have more fat.

You definitely want that “good fat” in the hips and behind, but not necessarily when it starts to look like an orange peel. In years past, there have been a few effective options for cellulite removal, but they are often painstakingly long and uncomfortable. For instance, one method involves the individual snipping of the bands that cause the appearance of cellulite, but this minorly invasive procedure requires some recovery. There are also countless topical creams and lotions that promise to reduce cellulite, but all they really do is hydrate the skin so the cellulite looks a little better—that’s not exactly a solution. While we’re all about skin hydration at RefinedMD, we also know that treating cellulite requires more than that. That’s why we offer Qwo.

How Qwo Works

For years, the FDA has not approved any new cellulite procedure. Qwo is a shot for cellulite that loosens the fibers causing the appearance of cellulite. Since it’s a shot (just like Botox or dermal fillers), it is technically minimally invasive. However, as a shot it’s over quite quickly—there’s no snipping of fibers or moving slowly from one pocket of fat to another like in older methods.

It’s also important to consider what cellulite is not. Cellulite in itself is not lax or sagging skin, though you can certainly have loose skin and cellulite! When this is the case, treating both cellulite (with Qwo), as well as skin sagging, can be the best approach. We have a number of treatments to address skin sagging and can create a customized treatment plan just for you based on your skin condition, needs, and goals. 

Qwo Isn’t Forever, But it Can be Routine

Right now, there is no permanent solution for cellulite. Whether you have the fibrous bands snipped or tackle them using Qwo, they will toughen up once more and fat will eventually squeeze through again. However, you can opt for additional Qwo treatments in the future. As Qwo is being embraced by clients and dermatologists alike around the globe, there’s a good chance that Qwo will end up being very much like Botox—a routine treatment you indulge in every few months or years.

There’s not a lot of prep involved with Qwo, so it’s easy to fit into any busy schedule. You might require up to 12 injections for optimal results. When injected, Qwo’s enzyme pinpoints two collagen types (1 and 3), which loosens the septae (fibrous bands). This in turn loosens the dimpling for smoother, younger-looking skin. On average, clients benefit most from three injections spaced three weeks apart for optimal results. 

What to Know About Qwo

Qwo is relatively new, but has been rigorously tested and has achieved incredible results to date. Currently, it is only available to treat women’s buttocks, but that may change in the future. For men or for anyone who wants to treat areas besides the buttocks, the Cellfina method of severing the septae may be an option. You may experience some soreness and bruise after Qwo, which is to be expected with any injectable. However, the vast majority of clients report loving their results and that the so-called downtime is minimal. 

Ready to give Qwo a “shot?” RefinedMD is one of the few clinics in the area offering this revolutionary procedure! Call RefinedMD to learn more or book your appointment right now using the online contact form.