Facelift Patient 30

Facelift Patient 30

This 52-year-old female presented to discuss surgical rejuvenation of the lower face and neck. Mostly bothered by visible skin laxity in the neck, she was also concerned about increasing jowling around her mouth and jawline.


Not quite ready for a full-blown facelift, the patient was interested in learning more about the mini-facelift procedure and was excited about the prospects of this limited downtime, in-office treatment under local anesthesia. Wanting to look natural and refreshed, she sought out Dr. Sudeep Roy for his expertise in this procedure. The patient underwent a limited incision lower facelift (aka minilift) and here she is only 6 weeks post-op. She is so thrilled with her appearance now and no longer self-conscious, looking just as good as she feels.


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