Got Cellulite? Qwo and Emtone are the Answer

Got Cellulite? Qwo and Emtone are the Answer | RefinedMD, Los Gatos

Got Cellulite? Qwo and Emtone are the Answer

Cellulite happens to the vast majority of women and some men. You don’t have to be overweight to have cellulite, and in fact many female celebrities have been spotted with cellulite at the beach. For years, the only answer for cellulite was a painstaking and painful surgery that snipped the bands causing cellulite. Now, at RefinedMD, we offer two non-surgical options to get rid of cellulite: Qwo and Emtone. But which one is right for you?

These two options are very different. Emtone is non-invasive while Qwo is minimally invasive. Minimally invasive procedures typically require the use of needles, and Qwo is no different. This treatment requires the injection of an enzyme that temporarily dissolves the bands causing cellulite for up to two years. Three injections are needed three weeks apart. Keep in mind that ample bruising can be expected from a Qwo session, but it is easy to hide given the treatment area—the buttocks. There usually isn’t bruising associated with Emtone, but temporary redness and swelling can occur. However, don’t let this singular difference be all the informs your decision. Let’s take a closer look at these two options.

How They Work

Qwo is an injection while Emtone uses a combination of radiofrequency (RF) and pressure wave therapy externally. RF warms up the tissue to 111 degrees while acoustic waves encourage the dimpling to “settle.” Qwo mostly works by dissolving the fibrous septae that cause cellulite, but is also a collagen induction therapy (loss of collagen is a key contributing factor to cellulite severity).

Emtone addresses loss of skin elasticity, poor blood flow, metabolic waste gathered below the skin, and loosens the fibers while soothing the fat chambers. Both Emtone and Qwo are unique in their approach. Beyond surgery, other “fixes” for cellulite have often included fat loss and hydration. Excess fat can exacerbate cellulite, but isn’t the cause of it (in other words, you will probably still have cellulite if you lose weight). Moisturized, hydrated skin always looks plumper, but you can’t fix cellulite with any cream or topical. You need an effective cellulite treatment, whether Emtone or Qwo, if you really want to address the issue.

Cellulite Vanquished

How long results last is often one of the first questions people ask. For Qwo, results last on average two years. There is no such singular estimate for Emtone. Some clients need maintenance sessions every few months, while others find their results last over a year. It is more difficult to gauge how your body will react to Emtone compared to Qwo. However, you can get maintenance sessions for both once the results wear off.

There is no permanent solution for cellulite. Even if you get surgery, the bands causing cellulite will eventually reattach to one another. Instead of seeking out a “permanent” solution, it’s better to choose an option that works for you and your lifestyle.

Treatment Sites

One of the biggest differences between these two treatments, besides how they are administered, is who they can treat and where. Right now, Qwo is only approved for treating cellulite in the buttocks of women. It’s usually women who get cellulite, and often in the buttocks. However, Emtone can be used on men and women alike, and can be applied to many areas like the abs, love handles, buttocks, and thighs. Who you are and where you have cellulite might be the deciding factor.

Most healthy adults are good candidates for both of these treatments. It’s also the perfect time of year to get cellulite treatments. The weather will soon be cooler and swimsuit season over. Although the side effects of both treatments are temporary, many people still prefer discretion with their procedures. You can also combine Qwo or Emtone with other treatments, like laser skin rejuvenation, to optimize results. Sometimes cellulite is worsened by skin laxity, so treating the skin as well as tissues below the surface can be a great hybrid approach. To find out more about cellulite treatment at RefinedMD, give us a call or fill out the online contact form.