Jazmyn Marino, RN

RefinedMD | Los Gatos + Greater San Jose

Jazmyn Marino, RN, is a skilled nurse and brings years of experience in healthcare and holistic wellness. A background in massage therapy and aesthetics underscores Jazmyn’s passion for helping every client achieve their goals and key life changes that lead to confidence and sustained self-care.

Jazmyn Marino, RN | RefinedMD, Los Gatos, CA

Jazmyn completed her LVN and RN at Unitek College, where she was named Valedictorian. This achievement was followed by an Associated Degree in Nursing from Mission College. Jazmyn immediately passed her board exams and began her career in aesthetic and cosmetic medicine—it was love at first client appointment. Jazmyn believes that nurses working in aesthetics are in charged with creating an open, trusting space where patients are comfortable and heard. This openness supports a healthy professional relationship where insecurities and vulnerabilities can be shared, which is key for matching clients with the right treatments. Jazmyn is filled with joy when she sees her client’s self-confidence soar as their natural beauty is enhanced, shining from the inside out.

Currently, Jazmyn is (remotely) completing her Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing at the University of Ohio. Throughout her years as an RN, Jazmyn has specialized in a number of treatments, including laser hair reduction and various skin tightening treatments like Ultherapy. She is a big fan of body toning treatments like Emsculpt, Emsculpt NEO, Emsella, and CoolSculpting. Jazmyn can’t wait to share her own body toning experiences with her clients. She’s also passionate about a wide variety of laser treatments and has in-depth knowledge (and experience!) of how laser treatments can dramatically improve the skin’s appearance while reversing the aging process. At RefinedMD, Jazmyn works with Thermage, LaserMD, Ultherapy, Clarity for hair reduction, and particularly with Halo and Genius. As a resident expert of injectables and fillers, Jazmyn is a go-to lead for all injectables (fillers and botox) for the face, including lips, chin, and cheeks, to replace lost volume. Jazmyn is also a fan of Perfect Peels and Microneedling and regularly has them performed as part of her beauty routine.

Everyone who meets Jazmyn is immediately struck by her warmth and kindness. When Jazmyn isn’t making aesthetic dreams come true, you can find her enjoying time with her four-year-old daughter, eating sushi and drinking boba, exploring the outdoors, cooking up a big family meal, or heading to the coast. Jazmyn has an infectious love of life, which extends to her prioritizing her own physical health and well-being as well as her clients’. These values perfectly align with how everyone at RefinedMD sees clients and their cosmetic dermatology journey. Contact RefinedMD today by calling (408) 688-2082 and schedule an appointment with Jazmyn today.