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Don’t let a tight budget get in the way of flawless skin. RefinedMD has partnered with HintMD to create a VIP Membership Program based not only on your personalized skin plan, but also your finances – (408) 688-2082.

Our Membership Program allows you to plan all your esthetic services for the year and know that you’ll receive high-quality treatments for one equal monthly payment.

Awesome! So, how does the Membership Program work?

Patients work with our staff to customize the best treatment plan for you and your goals. The total, or ongoing, costs are transformed into a monthly payment. No interest, no hidden fees, no bull. This system lets you move forward with your treatments without a huge upfront cost or making your credit card companies squeal in delight.

What else is in it for me?

We like it when you’re so forward! Check this out:

  • Get skin care treatments at regular intervals, which means you’ll be happier with the results.
  • Enjoy year-round skin care treatments with easy monthly payments.
  • Need ongoing treatments? No problem!
  • Minimize unexpected surprises by knowing what your monthly payment is without spikes and jumps in cost.
Membership Program Perks

Members can take advantage of exclusive events and specials from RefinedMD. Whether you love regular Botox or Dysport treatments, the plumpness of dermal fillers, or you’re interested in Kybella to banish the turkey neck for good, the VIP Membership Program can help make your dream a reality. All esthetician services, from laser hair removal to laser skin rejuvenation, can be included.

What are you waiting for? Call RefinedMD at (408) 688-2082 and learn more about our VIP Membership Program.

Membership Program | RefinedMD, Los Gatos, CA
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