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Nazanin Tooyserkani RN | Refined Dermatology, Los Gatos and San Jose, CA

Nazanin Tooyserkani joined Refined Dermatology as a Registered Nurse who specializes in laser skin treatments and feminine rejuvenation. Naz started her career with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Michigan. Following her schooling, her career began at the prestigious O’Connor Hospital in San Jose, CA as part of the Medical/Surgical and Orthopedic department where she gained invaluable experience. And after a brief hiatus to raise her family, Naz found her new passion in laser treatments focused on enhancing the overall health and appearance of her patient’s skin.

As an expert in laser treatments, Naz quickly became the trainer for new providers and the “go-to” person to ensure best practices were implemented. Her commitment to the field of lasers is supported by her desire to learn about new treatment options. Through her studies and experience, Naz has become an expert in feminine rejuvenation and body contouring where she offers some of the latest treatments such as CoolSculpting, Ultra Femme 360, and the highly anticipated Emsculpt for Body Toning. Her training has also included Botox treatments.

Even more impressive than her credentials, is Naz’s ability to speak Farsi. In her spare time, Naz spends time with her family and enjoys cooking authentic Middle Eastern family recipes.

Get in touch with Naz at Refined Dermatology and find out more about what she can do for your skin. Learn more about our dermatology practice and please contact Refined Dermatology today to schedule an appointment – 408-384-3845.

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