Envy Medical Trifecting Night Cream


A triple-performing clinical-strength cosmetic overnight solution that brightens, lessens lines and reinvigorates skin texture and tone. Formulated with Lumixyl (Decapeptide- 12), a patented peptide developed by dermatological researchers at Stanford University, and clinically proven to safely address surface dark spots and discoloration. Encapsulated and stable retinol at 0.2% gradually accelerates cell turnover without irritation. Patented PCX Technology, with Bakuchiol and Active Chamomile Extract, addresses mild breakouts, soothes aggravated areas, and helps prevent signs of aging.

Additional Information

Envy Medical


1.0 oz


Brightens a dull complexion.
Clears blemishes and breakouts.
Enhances skin texture.
Reduces fine lines.


0.2, 1.0

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