Qwo Gets Rid of Cellulite (And a Lot More!)

Qwo Gets Rid of Cellulite (And a Lot More!) | RefinedMD, Los Gatos

Qwo Gets Rid of Cellulite (And a Lot More!)

If you’re a woman, there’s a good chance you have cellulite—and probably on your buttocks. RefinedMD is committed to helping you look AND feel your best, which is why we offer Qwo, the first FDA-approved injectable to actually get rid of cellulite in women’s buttocks for up to two years. Cellulite isn’t dangerous, but it does a number on your self-esteem. If you’ve found yourself avoiding the beach, wearing shorts, or even awkwardly navigating intimate moments with your partner because of cellulite, it’s time to reclaim your life.

Qwo works via a series of injections that dissolve the fibrous bands that cause cellulite. Cellulite occurs when fat squeezes through these hardened bands and you certainly don’t need to be overweight for this to happen. Cellulite is most common in women (over 90 percent of women will have cellulite in their life) simply because women tend to carry more fat in certain areas (like the buttocks). It’s a catch-22. You want that voluptuous derriere, but even though fat doesn’t “cause” cellulite, there’s a greater chance of you having this cottage cheese appearance if you have an enviable derriere.

Meet the New Cellulite Tool

In years past, nothing short of surgery actually stopped cellulite—and nothing stops it for good. There is a procedure in which the bands are snipped, one by one, by a specialized scalpel. This will certainly work but it’s time consuming and painful. Plus, these bands will reattach in the coming years. This is true of both this knife-based procedure and Qwo. The body is an incredible thing and it will “put itself back together,” but that doesn’t mean you can’t treat cellulite as it appears.

The most common cellulite “treatments” are actually topicals that do provide some hydration. Of course, moisturized skin is going to look smoother and healthier than dry skin, but it doesn’t actually get rid of cellulite. What it does is camouflage it. Moisturizing the skin is important regardless of your skin concerns, and you can update your skin care regimen alongside getting your Qwo injections.

Why Go Qwo?

Qwo requires a series of injections spaced a few weeks apart. It takes time for these injections to dissolve the bands causing cellulite. This is a quick and easy lunch time procedure, though some redness and bruising may occur in the days following the session. Fortunately, given the placement of the injections, any temporary post-procedure redness or bruising is easy to hide.

Why do so many women want to get rid of their cellulite, wasting thousands of dollars on topicals that promise deliverables that never materialize? It’s simple: The appearance of cellulite is rarely deemed attractive. When you don’t feel like you look your best, this can impact your emotional and mental health. In today’s body-positive world, sometimes it can feel like improving your aesthetic isn’t in keeping with your values, but that isn’t true. Taking steps to enhance your natural beauty is good for your well-being on a holistic level.

Is Qwo for You?

Right now, Qwo is only approved for women and for treating cellulite in the buttocks. Although men do get cellulite, the vast majority of people with this condition are women. Whether you’re 18 or 80, statistics show that you probably have some cellulite. Diet and exercise don’t work to reduce cellulite, although some fat loss may improve its appearance. Ultimately, there are only two ways to vanquish cellulite: Qwo and the more invasive, scalpel-based treatment.

Of course, since Qwo isn’t a forever solution, when cellulite returns in a couple of years you can opt for more Qwo! It’s shown to be safe and effective in numerous studies. Results aren’t immediate, but you will start seeing some serious improvement in just one month after the first treatment. With Qwo, you can regain your self-confidence just in time for swimsuit season. Make this the year you finally ditch the cover-up at the pool or beach.

Even celebrities have been photographed with cellulite—it really can happen to anyone. But that doesn’t mean you have to let it get in the way of your life. Let’s work together to banish cellulite this year. Contact RefinedMD today by phone to schedule a consultation or for the quickest response simply complete the contact form.