Qwo For Cellulite Coming Soon!

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Qwo For Cellulite Coming Soon!

Finally, we have a predictable, easy, injectable way to treat those nasty cellulite dimples that afflict close to 90% of all women and really bother about half of them who have it. Treatments to date have been variable and more likely based on promise than real results. The only treatment my office finally began to offer about three years ago was Cellfina. It worked, but was very labor-intensive, and was truly a surgical approach to cutting the band of cellulite tethers with a very sharp fine blade. Results were good to very good but this was truly a surgical procedure that took all sorts of tumescent anesthesia, followed by insertion of a very sharp blade to undercut the tethers. There were days of postsurgical ‘hickies’, longer-term bruising, leakage of tumescent fluids, and then healing of all the insertion points.

Qwo For Cellulite Coming in March

Now we have Qwo coming in midMarch. It is a purified injectable protein called “collagenase clostridium histolyticum”. It was initially used to dissolve fibrous bands in the palms of the hands for people suffering from Dupuytren’s contractures by dissolving and breaking those specific collagen fibers causing the contractures. They find out that those same collagen types are the major cause of cellulite tethering. After 7 years of study and FDA approval, it is now ready for market. The team at RefinedMD will be among the first to offer this treatment.

How Qwo Works

What the treatment entails is identifying and marking off the undesired dimpling and making three quick injections through the same insertion point into the middle and sides of each dimple. That is it. With a few minutes, most of those fibrous bands have already been dissolved and fat cells and untreated good collagen quickly move in to fill that void. A series of three treatments are done in a period of four to six weeks and final results are visible after 2 months.

The most common adverse effect is localized bruising and mild tenderness and swelling at the site of injection for a week or so. We will make sure everyone is taking a course of our Arnica Forte before and after each treatment to minimize those effects. You do your part to avoid aspirin, NSAIDS, alcohol, and fish oils, and omega three oils for at least a week before. There is no need for compression hose or dressings for drainage.

The results are usually a 2+ improvement in the cellulite score, meaning that most people see a dramatic improvement of dimpling. It is important to realize too that we are treating dimpling, not laxity that we see later in life or when women have lost a dramatic amount of weight.

So keep in touch. When we have it available we will be able to share pricing as well as appointments early to get those dimples gone by the time it is summer swimsuit season.

Stay tuned!