QWO FDA-Approved Cellulite Injection

Over 90 percent of women will develop cellulite regardless of their weight or size. We at RefinedMD in Los Gatos understand maintaining a healthy weight can help reduce the amount of cellulite developed, but even very fit celebrities often sport this unseemly look.

Cellulite is formed when the fibrous septa right below the skin’s surface harden and fat is “pushed” between these bands, resulting in unflattering patterns. This connective tissue is critical for supporting the structure of the skin—but it is not a requirement for cellulite to form in the process (that is just an unfortunate side effect for many). Since cellulite is not a requirement for a healthy body, that means there is no point in living with it when it often causes low self-esteem, poor body image, and makes some feel like they can’t wear whatever they want with confidence.

Currently, there is no permanent solution to getting rid of cellulite. Creams and lotions don’t banish it, although keeping the skin hydrated can certainly help with the appearance of many issues including cellulite. However, the effect of topicals is subtle at best. Even the aggressive procedure in which a scalpel severs the bands that cause cellulite isn’t permanent, as the fibrous tissue will reconnect in the coming months and years. However, now there is a solution that is fast, easy, and really does get rid of cellulite for one year or more. Qwo is the first FDA-approved injection for dissolving the bands that cause cellulite and you can enjoy incredible results in just a few months.

Benefits of Qwo

Qwo requires just 3 injections at each treatment site in a series of 3 treatments 3 weeks apart. This injectable was only granted FDA approval after an intensive 7-year study, so you can rest easy knowing that Qwo is backed and proven by science.

Quick Qwo Facts

  • Qwo releases the tension that causes cellulite, allowing your skin to return to its natural, youthful, smooth appearance
  • Proteinases are injected into the body, which are enzymes that breaks down old collagen while simultaneously creating new collagen
  • Injections are required at the middle and each side of the cellulite dimple for 3 total injections per cellulite area
  • Results aren’t immediate—it takes time to break down the tissue causing cellulite. However, you will see results in just a few short weeks

Qwo Before/After Photos*

How Qwo Works

Qwo works in two ways. First, it actually loosens and breaks up the tissues causing cellulite. Secondly, it’s a collagen induction therapy that “tells” the body to create more collagen at the treatment site that leads to more supple and healthy-looking skin. Collagen provides the desirable suppleness that gives us a smooth, youthful look but we create less of it as we age. More collagen at the cellulite site means more volume in the best of ways. Collagen does take time to build, which is another reason why Qwo results take two months on average to appear—but all great things are worth waiting for.

Qwo uses proteinases, a type of enzyme that breaks down old collagen while creating new collagen at the cellulite site. Smooth, youthful skin is the outcome. There are different kinds of cellulite, and Qwo isn’t the answer for everyone but it’s an exciting, revolutionary treatment that works for many.

QWO Videos

Video: Instagram Influencer Nichole Harvey stopped by our office for her Qwo consultation. Learn more about this non-invasive cellulite treatment and follow along on Nichole’s Qwo journey with RefinedMD.

Video: Qwo is an FDA-approved injectable to treat cellulite in women. Learn more about what cellulite is, how it works, and what you can expect when coming into the RefinedMD office for a Qwo treatment.

Video: Get a behind the scenes look at a Qwo Treatment at RefinedMD with Dr. Swengel! Qwo is the newest non-invasive, injectable cellulite treatment. RefinedMD is proud to be one of the first practices in the Bay Area to offer Qwo.

What To Expect With Qwo Treatment and Results

Keep in mind that Qwo isn’t for everyone. There are different areas in which cellulite can appear, and right now Qwo is only approved for treating cellulite in women’s buttocks—the place where most women especially struggle with this unflattering orange peel look. Those who qualify can expect mild tenderness, swelling, and localized bruising for 1 – 2 weeks after each injection. However, since Qwo is designed to target cellulite in the buttocks, this makes the temporary side effects easy to hide.

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