Wow, it’s Qwo! Check Out the Latest Cellulite Treatment

Wow, it’s Qwo! Check Out the Latest Cellulite Treatment | RefinedMD

Wow, it’s Qwo! Check Out the Latest Cellulite Treatment

If you’ve heard that there’s no solution for cellulite, that’s no longer true (thank goodness!). RefinedMD offers various proven treatments for cellulite that really work, including the latest approach: Qwo. Cellulite is definitely tricky to treat, and it’s true that there’s no topical cream, lotion, or serum that really works. In reality, topical treatments, no matter how costly they are, can only temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite by hydrating the skin. Skin that is plump and hydrated simply shows off cellulite less, but that effect is very subtle and will quickly wear off. Qwo doesn’t.

It’s estimated that 90 percent of women and 10 percent of men have cellulite, and you definitely don’t need to be overweight to struggle with it. Numerous celebrities have been photographed with cellulite. There is a genetic component to it, and cellulite is caused when the fibrous bands below the skin’s surface bunch up and let fat “squish” between them. It’s a totally natural and harmless process, but that provides little peace of mind when you feel like you can’t wear short shorts, bathing suits, or feel self-conscious when you’re getting intimate.

How Qwo is Different

Other cellulite treatments work by snipping the bands causing cellulite. As you can imagine, this is a slow process. It’s also a bit invasive, though the tools used in this approach are so tiny that it’s not described as painful in any way. However, Qwo is revolutionary because it’s the first FDA-approved injection to treat cellulite. It breaks up the fibrous septa that cause cellulite at an enzyme level.

Qwo uses Enzymatic Subcision and Remodeling, or ESR, to inject two enzymes into the cellulite site. These proteins destroy collagen molecules that cause cellulite—but don’t worry, it doesn’t harm the good collagen that keeps your skin looking youthful. When Qwo is injected, it releases the tension that causes cellulite so that skin can return to its supple, smooth, youthful appearance. Even better, Qwo tells the body to start producing new collagen in that area, so results just get better and better over time. Right now, Qwo has been FDA-approved for treating cellulite on the buttocks, one of the most common areas where it appears.

The Efficacy of Qwo

It’s not easy to get FDA approval. Qwo has been shown to be safe and effective in hundreds of studies that involved thousands of injections. There are few adverse side effects, and they are similar to any other injectable, such as dermal fillers. It’s normal to experience some redness, swelling, and maybe light bruising right after Qwo, but these side effects quickly go away.

Qwo is so new that it’s impossible to say how long it can last. However, studies have shown that you can expect results to stretch a few years. This is similar to other effective treatments and perhaps even longer. No treatment can stop and prevent cellulite for life because as our bodies continue to change, there’s always a chance that new fibrous tissues will create the appearance of cellulite again. Qwo can be re-administered, though, allowing you to stay on top of that cellulite.

What to Expect with Qwo

Results are not immediate, but they happen pretty quickly. Most clients start to see results just three weeks after injections. Many clients also require more than one treatment round, with an average of three rounds spaced about one month apart. Side effects like bruising last 1 – 2 weeks on average, the same as with any other bruise, but not everyone experiences bruising, redness, or soreness. You can immediately get back to your daily tasks, such as working out right after your treatment.

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