Take a Shot! Get Rid of Cellulite

Take a Shot! Get Rid of Cellulite

For years there have been various products and promises to vanquish cellulite, a harmless but rather embarrassing skin condition that affects over 90 percent of women. RefinedMD only offers treatments that actually work, and we’re proud to bring you Qwo—the revolutionary injection that actually gets rid of cellulite so you can finally slip on those shorts with confidence. If you’re embarrassed by dimples on your bum and cling to a swimsuit coverup until the second before you get in a pool, it’s time to take a shot at something that really works.

Creams, lotions, and moisturizers can subtly reduce the visibility of cellulite simply because hydrated skin is plumper. However, if you have cellulite, you know that no matter how expensive the cream is, it doesn’t really work. There is also a long and quite uncomfortable procedure in which each fiber that causes cellulite is snipped away. However, that can lead to scarring (especially if you’re prone to keloids) and is rather uncomfortable. What if you could just get injections to get rid of cellulite on your backside? Now you can with Qwo!

What is Qwo?

Qwo is the very first and only injectable that’s FDA-approved to remove moderate and severe cellulite. Right now, it’s only approved for the buttocks and only for women—sorry, men. We know you get cellulite, too, but not nearly as often as women and usually not on your derriere. You should know that visible results can take up to 10 weeks and around three total treatments are usually recommended, spaced three weeks apart. In other words, just like most other great things in life, patience is key. The good news is that if you start Qwo treatments now, you’ll be able to show off your new, smooth, youthful bum by the end of summer!

Since Qwo is an injectable, it is non-surgical and considered minimally invasive. The booty is also one of the most comfortable places to get any kind of injection. If you’ve had Botox on your face, dermal fillers in your lips, or even a flu shot or been vaccinated for COVID-19, getting your Qwo injections will be a breeze in comparison. Injection time can take as little as ten minutes, but your total appointment time can vary depending on how many injections are necessary per session, where the cellulite is located on your bum, and the severity.

Get Rid of Cellulite Fast

We will assess your results one month after your third treatment. Photos are taken before, after each injection, and 28 days after your third injection so you can see exactly how effective Qwo has been. This is a prescription medication, so you certainly don’t want to test out any DIY knock-offs you might find advertised online or in stores. Those who are allergic to collagenase or other Qwo ingredients are not suitable candidates, and if you have an active injection at the treatment site you will need to wait before starting your sessions.

Like other injections, you may experience bruising, redness, swelling, warmth, or itchiness for a few hours or days after your injection. Fortunately, you’re probably not showcasing this area of your body quite yet. These side effects will quickly subside on their own and typically do not interfere with your daily tasks.

Getting Ready for Qwo

Qwo works because the Collagenase Clostridium Histolyticum (CCH) dissolves the fibrous septae that causes cellulite. These fibers can be quite taut, and when fat gets “squeezed” through them, the look of an orange peel can appear. You don’t actually need these fibers to stay in their current pattern—so why not get rid of them? However, do keep in mind that these fibers may form again in the future, so Qwo doesn’t necessarily last forever. You can always get more Qwo treatments down the road if you spot dimples happening where they shouldn’t.

Ready to learn more about Qwo or book your appointment? Complimentary consultations are available at RefinedMD, so book your appointment today by starting a chat, filling out the online form, or calling the office. As everyone gears up for seeing friends and family for the first time in months, you deserve to look your best. We’ll help you take your body and confidence to the next level this summer.