The Surprising Power of Halo Laser

The Surprising Power of Halo Laser

The Surprising Power of Halo Laser

With a name like Halo, you might expect this laser to be uber-gentle—and it is in some ways. However, it’s also one of the most-requested lasers at RefinedMD because it couples strength with its relatively gentle touch. Unlike some softer lasers, such as Clear + Brilliant, you can expect some downtime with Halo. It’s not totally ablative, so it’s not opening up and damaging the surface of the skin like more aggressive lasers, but it’s still intense enough to cause redness that some clients prefer to keep hidden for a couple of days. So, is it worth it? Absolutely.

Halo can do it all, from reversing sun damage to completely resurfacing your skin and minimizing scars. Recently, a “beauty enthusiast” shared with Byrdie that, as a woman in her thirties, she had a variety of skin concerns (many of which stem from her addiction to tanning beds in her teens while simultaneously picking at pimples). Like many, she had hyperpigmentation, large pores, red patches of skin, and was constantly keeping an eye on pending breakouts. She thought she had tried everything, and while some treatments garnered minor successes, she still felt the need to wear makeup daily. According to this Halo user, “My goal was eventually to become one of those lucky people who wore makeup as an extracurricular.”

The Halo Difference

The Halo laser isn’t like any laser you’ve seen (or used) before because it’s a hybrid. It’s part ablative and part non-ablative and the only laser available with this unique configuration. If you’ve had a chemical peel you’ve loved, the results—and recovery—are similar with Halo put kicked up quite a few notches. The ablative part of the laser does evaporate the top layer of skin, which is critical for addressing superficial issues. Simultaneously, the controlled non-ablative laser is creating deep micro-traumas in the skin. This promotes collagen production and skin tightening.

Micro-traumas, such as those from a non-ablative laser, are a great thing and have been used for decades. Microneedling is perhaps the best-known form of micro-traumas. When your skin is “tricked” into thinking it’s injured, it gets to work by flooding the site with collagen. This is a must for healing, but collagen just so happens to lessen lines, wrinkles, laxity, poor skin texture, scars, and even enlarged pores.

Who is Halo For?

Halo can benefit anyone of any age, but is especially helpful for those who have multiple skin issues they want to address with minimal recovery time. Halo will tackle all of the most common skin conditions with results that are immediate (after recovery) as well as cumulative. You will continue to see improvement for months after your treatment because of the non-ablative approach of this skin revitalization tool. In many cases, optimal results can be achieved after just one session, but most clients fall in love with Halo and stick with maintenance sessions every few months.

The ideal person for Halo might have tried gentler lasers in the past and wants something more. Alternatively, they may have had an experience with a more aggressive ablative laser years ago and want to avoid such a long recovery period. If you want serious results, you are going to need some amount of ablative touch, and if you want to double down on your outcome combining two lasers in one is ideal.

Get Ready to Get Your Wings

There is some prep and aftercare required with Halo. First, certain medications will need to be stopped (such as retinoids), so work with your prescribing doctor to determine if this is possible. It is crucial to avoid sun exposure as much as possible for two weeks before and after your Halo treatment. We know it isn’t possible to completely cut out sun exposure, so now is a great time to talk with our skin care experts and update your sunscreen choice. Additionally, for those with very fair skin, you may want to plan to take 2 – 3 days off from events that require you “looking your best.” You can expect redness, which some people are fine with and others are not. Ultimately, immediately post-Halo your skin will look like it’s sunburned.

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