PRP and Other Skin Health Lessons from Vampires

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PRP and Other Skin Health Lessons from Vampires

Like many popular trends, Kim Kardashian made the “vampire facial” famous and had hordes of people clamoring for the procedure. Refined Dermatology in San Jose has offered the PRP (platelet-rich plasma) procedure for skin health for years and is more recently offering PRF (platelet-rich fibrin). PRP a relatively simple process of injecting a client’s own blood with concentrated growth factors and platelets into specific areas of the skin. The result is a surge in healing and more beautiful, youthful skin. All a client needs is a small amount of blood and about 30 minutes. PRF is elevated PRP whereby making it that much more powerful and added to injectable treatments such as fillers, hair restoration, and microneedling.

The nickname “vampire facial” comes from the use of blood as well as the famed selfie of the Kardashian during the procedure. Our skin naturally has some really powerful healing factors—so powerful that sometimes it can seem supernatural.

The so-called “vampire facial” isn’t the only trick we can learn from the mythical monster. Here are a few more ways vampires are besting us at skin care, and how we can catch up:

1. Avoiding sunlight. Sun damage is the leading cause of a slew of skin concerns. However, we can avoid prematurely aged skin by both avoiding the sunlight and sticking to a solid sunscreen regimen. In addition to wearing sunscreen and reapplying it every 75 minutes when exposed to the sun (and that includes through windows), dress in layers and wear wide-brimmed hats and sunglasses. If you can, avoid peak sun hours between 10 – 2 for maximum protection.

2. Eating protein. You don’t want to mimic the exact diet of a vampire, but there’s no denying they have a protein-rich diet. We all need protein in order to feel energized and to keep our muscles healthy. Consuming quality protein can also help keep our skin healthy. It’s the biggest organ of our body, and a good diet goes a long way.

3. Drinking plenty of liquids. Again, you don’t want to consume the same liquids as a vampire, but they have serious talent when it comes to staying hydrated. Drink more water, aiming for at least 60 ounces per day. Your skin will thank you with a more intense glow, and perhaps fewer breakouts.

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