Could Clear + Brilliant Be for You?

Could Clear + Brilliant Be for You? | RefinedMD, Los Gatos + San Jose

Could Clear + Brilliant Be for You?

There are a lot of lasers out there, so how can you figure out which one is best for you? Easy—schedule a complimentary aesthetic services consultation at RefinedMD! We’ll work with you to determine your skin goals, consider your skin types and conditions, and create a customized plan. Some lasers are better known than others, and one that’s become increasingly in demand is Clear + Brilliant. This laser was designed to prevent visible signs of aging while also addressing current signs of aging and damage caused by the environment.

Just like all laser treatments at RefinedMD, there are no needles and no cutting required. Clear + Brilliant requires a single 15 – 20 minute treatment that results in skin that looks younger, healthier, and has a gorgeous glow. Fast and gentle, you’ll see results after just one treatment without any need for downtime. However, also just like with most lasers, routine treatments are going to continue to improve results and ultimately sustain them.

Advanced Technology, Simply Delivered

Clear + Brilliant is based on the latest technology, but the actual procedure is surprisingly simple. The entire appointment will take 30 minutes or less, and topical numbing cream is applied in order to maximize comfort. The handpiece is guided over the target site using Intelligent Optical Tracking to make sure the perfect amount of skin contact is applied in a completely uniform manner. Depending on skin sensitivity, the Clear + Brilliant Permea treatment may be applied post-treatment. This is a topical antioxidant that helps with any lingering redness or sensitivity.

This laser works by making millions of tiny treatment zones in the top layer of the skin. Next, it helps replace damaged skin with healthy skin that’s fresher, tighter, clearer, and glowing. Many of the blemishes our skin shows happen at the top layer, and these include lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and overall laxity. It turns out that many clients don’t actually need more invasive lasers that require downtime. However, since everyone is unique, the only way to know for sure which laser is for you is with a consultation.

Combining Lasers

In some cases, your treatment plan might actually be a laser combo! Patients love Clear + Brilliant because they don’t have to plan for any recovery. It’s quick, easy, and comfortable while taking care of a lot of common skin concerns. Still, we don’t have the same type and amount of sun damage everywhere. A common combo is Clear + Brilliant with broadband light (BBL) treatments. BBL is the latest iteration of IPL and it uses a pulsed light for photorejuvenation.

Clear + Brilliant is especially loved because of its preventative qualities. For those who want to take action now to prevent signs of aging in the future, it’s a great pick. You’ll also start to see some results that make it seem like you’re turning back the clock on current skin problems just one week after your treatment. The results of Clear + Brilliant are simultaneously immediate and progressive. Your skin will keep improving in the weeks and months following every session.

Why C+B?

As you can imagine, downtime is a big factor when choosing any aesthetic treatment. Some lasers do require downtime as they can cause redness and even peeling. You won’t have to worry about that with Clear + Brilliant. Although we might be masking up and not seeing people in person as much as we used to, the number of Zoom meetings has skyrocketed. You don’t have much of an excuse to use a mask to cover up any facial peeling while on Zoom, so a lot of people want a treatment that allows them to immediately show their face.

That’s what Clear + Brilliant offers. There’s no sustained redness, zero swelling, and you certainly don’t need to plan to take any time off. In fact, Clear + Brilliant was created to fit neatly into your busy schedule. You’ll even have time to actually enjoy your lunch and go to your Clear + Brilliant appointment because treatments are just that fast. Find out more about Clear + Brilliant and all of the available laser technologies. Connect with RefinedMD today by calling (408) 688-2082.