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At RefinedMD beauty is skin deep—and much more. Our aesthetic dermatology, facial plastic surgery, and medical dermatology teams provide a comprehensive array of services, treatments, and procedures to achieve your most beautiful, healthy, youthful skin. Dr. Steven Swengel established RefinedMD in 2012, creating a clinic that reflects his decades of expertise. The clinic is currently supported by fellow leaders in the dermatology and facial plastics fields.

Dr. Sudeep Roy specializes in all facial plastic surgeries including facelifts, eyelid lifts, brow lifts, hair transplants, and more. Double board-certified and educated at Stanford University, he gives patients incredible, natural-looking results that turn back the clock.

Together, Drs. Swengel and Roy, lead the RefinedMD team and provide the ultimate level of services necessary to achieve your goals.

RefinedMD | Los Gatos, CA
RefinedMD | Los Gatos, CA

Aesthetic Dermatology

Beautiful skin doesn’t just happen. Aesthetic dermatology includes treatments, procedures, and products that help you achieve your most beautiful skin. Healthy, youthful, glowing, and clear skin, aesthetic dermatology can and should change with your skin and the seasons. Combining in-office treatments with recommended at-home regimens lets us customize every strategy presented to you.

RefinedMD | Los Gatos, CA

Facial Plastic Surgery

Your face is your first impression. Is it saying what you want it to? Our face is also the first place we show signs of aging. The skin is delicate, thin, and very mobile. From crow’s feet to marionette lines and skin laxity to the “angry elevens” between the brows, your face might not be saying what you’d like. Facial plastic surgery reveals the real you. Learn more about popular facial surgeries and see before/afters.

RefinedMD | Los Gatos, CA

Medical Dermatology

Medical dermatology addresses much more than acne, although acne is certainly one of the top complaints from mild breakouts to severe cystic acne. Your skin is your body’s largest organ and it faces challenges, from cancer-causing sun damage to pollution. Trust your skin to the same expert care as the rest of your body with routine dermatology to treat acne, rosacea, and more.

Meet The Team

The depth of the providers’ skills and the decades of combined experience is key to ensuring every patient achieves the natural and long-lasting results they deserve.

Dr. Steven Swengel is a board certified dermatologist and founded RefinedMD in 2012 following three decades of experience in cosmetic dermatology. He personally tests each and every product and device at RefinedMD, which now includes over 20+ energy-based devices.

Dr. Sudeep Roy is a double board certified facial plastic surgeon specializing in cosmetic and reconstructive treatments of the head and neck. If you are considering a facelift, mini facelift, neck lift, eyelid surgery, hair transplant, or another procedure, request an appointment with Dr. Sudeep Roy at RefinedMD.

Emface Has Arrived!

Emface reverses early signs of aging and is suitable for patients as young as their thirties. The results are enduring, patient satisfaction is high, and there is zero discomfort reported by most clients. Emface Clinical study patients report a 37% reduction in wrinkles, a 23% lifting effect, a 26% increase in collagen, and a 30% increase in muscle tone. In fact, there is a 95% patient satisfaction rate among participants.

Emface Facial Toning | RefinedMD, San Jose, CA

Specials and Events

November specials are here! Save $1,000 when you purchase a package of 4 Emface treatments. Accufit is buy 2, get 2, free. Buy 3 syringes of filler and save $600 off regular pricing when you book with nurse injectors or $300 off pricing when scheduling with MD injectors. Dysport is just $4/unit and Botox is $13/unit. Plus we have a laser hair removal deal you can’t miss. 

Shop Skin Care Products

Medical-grade skin care products are a real game-changer. From moisturizers and under-eye creams, to serums and masks, you won’t believe the difference high-quality skin care products can make. We are happy to make recommendations for your needs and goals.