Renuvion J-Plasma Skin Tightening

Renuvion J-Plasma is cutting-edge advanced energy that blends helium plasma with radiofrequency (RF) waveforms to better control tissue manipulation and provide the best precision with minimal trauma. Patients who are tired of the way their loose neck looks and feels now have a minimally invasive therapeutic option in contrast to a surgical neck lift. This skin tightening procedure is a “one and done” treatment with less downtime and practically no incisions (just one small one under the chin!). Renuvion is also performed under local anesthesia, along with a few chill pills in the RefinedMD office. We invite you to learn more about Double board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Sudeep Roy by scheduling a consultation today.

For years, aaesthetic providers have struggled to deliver excellent results in the neck by means other than a neck lift or facelift, which involves incisions around or behind the ear to remove excess skin. This is partly because of the limited efficacy of “bulk heating devices” that use energy in various forms to heat the skin in an attempt to tighten it. The problem is that in order to achieve maximal skin contraction from heat coming from one of these devices, the tissue would need to be heated at a very high temperature for quite some time, putting the skin surface at risk of overheating, causing occasional blisters and burns.

How Renuvion J-Plasma Works

A neck lift is effective, but invasive and it requires several incisions around the ears to vanquish excess skin. Optimal skin contraction sourced from heat can cause blistering, burns, and even scarring—until now. Thanks to Renuvion J-Plasma, skin can be optimally contracted in less than a second for a safe and very effective result. J-Plasma can be used as an alternative to a facelift and neck lift in some cases, or can even be an alternative to treating this troublesome sagging skin.

Renuvion J-Plasma involves the novel use of cool helium-based plasma technology and radiofrequency (RF) energy to efficiently and safely heat the under-surface of the skin for the optimal contraction of the skin and underlying fibroseptal network in a fraction of a second without the need to monitor the surface skin temperature. Safe, efficient, and efficacious, this technology is revolutionary and one-of-a-kind in terms of its ability to achieve facelift-like skin tightening without the need to cut skin! Furthermore, Renuvion skin tightening can be added to neck liposuction, neck muscle contouring (platysmaplasty), and chin implant procedures to further enhance results in the neck in appropriate patients. Ideal patients are in their 30s to 40s with mild to moderate skin laxity in the neck.

Renuvion J-Plasma Skin Tightening | Dr. Sudeep Roy, RefinedMD

What we like best about Renuvion J-Plasma skin tightening is that results continue to improve over a year because of the remarkable effect of Radiofrequency energy on restoring youthful collagen architecture to the skin and suppleness to the underlying soft tissue.

Renuvion J-Plasma FAQs

How long until results can be seen after Renuvion J-Plasma?

Partial results can be seen immediately after Renuvion J-Plasma but final outcomes are best appreciated at the 6 week mark and beyond. Improvements can be seen up to 1 year after the procedure.

Are the results from Renuvion J-Plasma permanent?

The results from Renuvion J-Plasma are quite dramatic and long-lasting. However, as with any other cosmetic surgical procedure, the results are not entirely permanent as the effects of aging still occur over time. That being said, procedures such as Renuvion J-plasma will absolutely help to reverse the signs of aging and postpone the aging process.

What is recovery like from Renuvion J-Plasma?

Most patients experience very little discomfort after surgery. Some bruising, swelling and mild inflammation is experienced for a period of about 7-10 days. Occasionally, a small amount of prolonged swelling in some areas of the neck can occur for several weeks due to the energy delivered by Renuvion to the skin and underlying tissues. A compression garment is typically worn 24/7 for the first three days, then at night (and as much as possible during the day) for the next 5 weeks. This is to ensure optimum results.

What is Renuvion J-Plasma Neck Lift?

Renuvion J-Plasma is a device that uses advanced cool helium plasma technology to effectively and efficiently deliver radiofrequency energy under the skin to create a significant tightening of the skin and underlying tissues in a very precise and safe manner.

What areas can be treated with Renuvion J-Plasma besides the neck?

Renuvion J-Plasma can be used to tighten the skin in multiple areas around the body. Some of the most common areas to have Renuvion J-Plasma performed are the abdomen, waist, arms, thighs, face, and neck. Although often paired with liposuction, Renuvion J-Plasma can be used by itself to improve skin laxity, offering a non-excisional treatment option for patients who want to minimize surgical recovery. Renuvion may also be used externally on the face for significant skin tightening, resurfacing, and improvements in discoloration and texture.

Does Renuvion J-Plasma hurt?

Dr. Roy performs his Renuvion J-Plasma neck lift procedure under local anesthesia and minimal oral sedation. Patients tolerate numbing of the neck region very well, especially with the combination of using mild oral sedatives and nitrous oxide (ProNox) inhalation. Once the neck is numb, the patient experiences no pain whatsoever during the procedure itself!

Is Renuvion J-Plasma safe?

Absolutely yes! Renuvion J-Plasma has been proven to be a safe and effective treatment for skin tightening, reducing the risk of skin injury due to its novel delivery system and energy profile.

Renuvion J-Plasma Procedure and Recovery

Renuvion J-Plasma Preparation

Patients typically arrive 45 minutes prior to the start of the procedure to pre-medicate and allow for a calming period during which oral sedation kicks in. The patient is then brought to the operating room where the neck is injected with local tumescent anesthesia. This process is rendered very tolerable by the oral sedation provided as well as self-administered nitrous oxide (ProNox) gas.

How Renuvion Is Performed

Once the neck is completely numbed, Dr. Sudeep Roy makes a small 2cm incision under the chin, as well as two tiny incisions under each ear lobule, through which liposuction and platysmal muscular contouring (platysmaplasty) are performed. The Renuvion handpiece is then introduced through the same incisions, and within a matter of a few minutes, the entirety of the skin in the lower face and neck is precisely treated.


The radiofrequency energy delivered through the cool helium plasma immediately tightens the skin, while re-orienting existing collagen fibers in the skin as well as stimulating the production of new collagen in the treated areas. This induces further contraction of the skin that continues for several months after the procedure.


Once the procedure is completed, the incision under the chin is closed with a few sutures and the neck placed in a compression dressing overnight.

Renuvion Recovery

After surgery, patients can experience mild discomfort, numbness, bruising, and swelling, as with any surgical procedures involving the neck. This typically resolves in 7 to 14 days. Some prolonged swelling can persist beyond this point due to the very focused radiofrequency energy delivered to the skin with Renuvion.


Double board certified Dr. Sudeep Roy may recommend recipients of the Renuvion (J-Plasma) procedure to wear a compression garment for several weeks (mostly at night and when able during the day) for optimal results. Patients can resume light activities and short walks after 1 week and more strenuous activities after 2 weeks. Call RefinedMD, at (408) 831-3921 and schedule your consultation today.