A Game Changer for Facial Toning

Emface reverses signs of aging in the face in just 20 minutes with no needles and no downtime. Say goodbye to wrinkles, jowls, volume loss, and tissue descent that happens in the midface as early as your 30s. Minimizing wrinkles, building collagen and elastin and adding lift are the key benefits of Emface, this revolutionary treatment by the makers of Emsculpt and EmsculptNEO. Emface is the newest cutting-edge device addressing the most common signs of aging. At RefinedMD, we are proud to be the first in the south bay San Jose and Los Gatos region to offer this youth-ifying procedure.

Addressing Aging In The Face with Emface

As we get older, our face loses muscle tone, muscle density, facial fat, and even bone. Especially as we enter the third decade of life, there is a significant decrease in the amount of elastin and collagen our bodies produce and preserve. Together, these factors contribute to significant loss of definition in the lower face, relaxation and descent of the brow and cheeks, and a weakening of the support layers like ligaments. Emface reverses these early signs of aging and is suitable for both men and women as young as their thirties.

Facial Toning Results

Emface results are enduring, patient satisfaction is high, and there is zero discomfort reported by most clients.  Plus, during clinical trials, no adverse events were observed or reported during any of the clinical test sites.

In clinical studies, patients enjoyed:

  • 37% Reduction in Wrinkles
  • 23% Lifting Effect
  • 26% Increase in Collagen
  • 30% Increase in Muscle Tone
  • 95% Patient Satisfaction
  • 5% Skin Evenness Improvement

Study results show that elastin and collagen, the building blocks of youth and indicators of young and taut skin, are stimulated during Emface treatments. In fact, most patients show an increase of 110% elastin and a 26% increase in collagen post-procedure. A dramatic increase in these two markers for youth encourages positive textural changes while supporting subdermal connective tissues. In other words, with Emface you literally infuse your skin with the agents needed to look younger without surgery.

Emface Before/After Photos*

The Science Behind Emface

Emface is part of the BTL Aesthetics family. For over a decade, BTL has been revolutionizing the body sculpting marketplace—and Emface is one of their latest offerings. The work leading to the development and commercialization of Emface was—and is—meticulous and science-based. BTL’s unprecedented Emface technology is at the forefront of non-invasive aesthetic medicine and body contouring. If you want to turn back the clock, BTL has your back (and face).

Safety and efficacy were demonstrated in 9 separate clinical studies conducted by BTL Aesthetics at 15 different research centers. These studies included 3,000+ treatments. Backed by decades of science, hundreds of studies, and over 300 engineers, BTL Aesthetics has again brought its unique brand of applied science to the foreground so you can postpone, and even turn back, the natural signs of facial aging. Emface can be an ideal option for those struggling with early signs of facial sagging or those who want to delay or avoid more invasive procedures like a facelift.

Emface employs the simultaneous delivery of 2 different energy modalities: HIFES contraction energy to create the lift via facial muscle toning and interlaced synchronized radio frequency, which is a gentle heat energy to lessen wrinkles and remodel the tissues of the face.

Emface is designed to give your face more youthful contours and improve the support framework of the underlying structures, resulting in a more youthful appearance. An initial series of brief sessions yields striking results in just a few weeks. Routine quarterly or bi-annual maintenance sessions help you keep that youthful appearance and continue to encourage collagen and elastin production. Emface helps you turn back the clock from the inside out using your body’s natural healing factors.

How do we know? Beyond the many studies, we’ve also tried Emface ourselves! Our Board Certified Dermatologist Dr. Steven Swengel and Double Board Certified Facial Plastic surgeon Dr. Sudeep Roy have personally conducted research based on real science and the efficacy of Emface. At RefinedMD, we want to offer only science-backed treatments that we believe in—and that’s why Emface is part of our contouring suite of treatments. 

Emface | RefinedMD Los Gatos

Frequently Asked Questions

What does an Emface treatment consist of?

Treatment includes a series of four 20-minute long sessions spaced 5-10 days apart. Followup appointments are scheduled 1 and 3 months after initial treatment. Precise baseline photography is taken when you begin treatment and at the 3-month final results mark.

What does Emface feel like?

A gentle warming sensation is felt while the surface of the skin is heated to approximately 41 degrees Celsius. You may experience a mild electrical feeling and/or a buzzing sensation that moves from forehead to cheeks. All patients tolerate the treatment well.

How do we know Emface works?

Results documenting reduced wrinkles and lift were reported by investigators using 2D photography, MRI studies, 3D computer imaging technology, as well as 4 other standardized clinical measures. Emface particularly showed its clinical lineal lifting effect when measured on the cheeks and on the eyebrows. Apparent mid-cheek volume in study patients increased by approximately 1 1/2 syringes of filler per side treated.

What is the difference between Emface facial toning and a surgical facelift?

Emface is non-invasive which means no needles and no downtime. It relies on muscle thickening which decreases the appearance of wrinkles and provides more volume, especially to the mid-face. Emface is a more natural alternative to a surgical facelift, a procedure that is more invasive, has a higher cost, and requires a longer recovery time. In addition, Emface is proven to boost both collagen and elastin by a significant quantity because of the radio frequency energy being deployed.

Am I a good candidate for Emface?

Most candidates are eligible for Emface. Emface is beneficial to patients who are concerned about mild laxity, wrinkles, skin plumpness, elastin and collagen loss or fullness in the jawline.

Is it Emface safe to use with fillers and toxins?

Yes, studies show that Emface can be used safely and in combination with fillers and toxins. We can discuss aspects such as timing of the two types of treatments in greater detail at the time of your consultation.

Can I get Emface if I’ve already had a facelift?

Emface is recommended by facial plastic surgeons as a way to maintain facelift results that may be diminishing with time. The benefits of additional elastin and collagen from an Emface treatment will improve current facelift results. Emface is recommended prior to a facelift surgery in older patients due to the treatment’s facial toning benefits.

Can Emface tone the skin on my neck?

Emface applicators fit on the lower cheek and across the forehead. The combination of motions during a treatment may affect some of the tissues in the upper neck providing some improvement in that area.

What does the treatment cost?

Pricing for Emface varies based on the individual patient. Pricing will be discussed during your Emface consultation.

How do I know if Emface is right for me?

We welcome you to schedule an in person Emface consultation with one of our Patient Care Coordinators and doctors to review your personal situation and treatment goals.

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