Cellulite Treatments

Tired of the cottage cheese jokes? Cellulite isn’t excess fat, but rather fat that pushes through connective tissue and looks like a dimpling that might have you grabbing the cover-up. Although cellulite can happen to anyone, it’s much more common in women. Dr. Steven Swengel and the aesthetics team at RefinedMD in Los Gatos offer a number of treatments that target cellulite, many of which tighten the skin in the process. Get in touch today, and we’d love to talk to you about available options.

Popular Cellulite Treatments


With Cellfina, suction is used to isolate the connective tissue that’s causing the dimpling. Through a small incision (don’t worry, it’s no biggie), the pesky band can be cut to release tension. Enjoy a smooth texture and a permanent* solution. It’s suitable for deep, severe cellulite cases.


Cellulite isn’t excess fat. Instead, it’s comprised of fat poking through interwoven connective tissue that resembles a basket-weave. The resulting dimples are simply where there’s too much tightness in that weave. Exilis heats up the bands that create the cellulite, sends C-Waves to release tension, and results in a smoothed appearance. It’s best for shallower dimpling.

Z Wave

Shock your cellulite into submission with acoustic waves that impact the overall cellulite structure. It amps up blood circulations while improving firmness. It’s designed for mild cellulite and isn’t permanent, so consider this an ongoing treatment plan to keep cellulite at bay.

Many cellulite treatments are paired with complementary treatments like CoolSculpting for permanent fat removal* without surgery. Some patients add in dermal fillers to increase plumpness in key areas, like the butt, when there’s sagging from weight fluctuation. Call RefinedMD today at (408) 688-2082 and get back the smooth, youthful skin you remember. We are happy to learn more about your specific goals and create a custom treatment plan for your unique needs.