Fat Reduction

Diet and exercise can only do so much in sculpting the body of your dreams. Fortunately, there are non-invasive alternatives to liposuction to help you achieve targeted fat reduction that can’t be managed with any gym routine or juice cleanse. RefinedMD offers a variety of fat reduction treatments for the face and body. With services for men and women alike, it’s never been easier to handcraft a slimmer body. Get in touch with the body toning specialists at RefinedMD and discover what fat reduction treatment, or treatment combination, is right for you.

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Targeted Fat Reduction Treatments at RefinedMD

Fat reduction treatments are popular choices for a variety of people who seek targeted spot reduction, treatment for that one last spot that won’t disappear with diet and exercise, and treatments to help reduce larger areas of fat and kick start a journey.

Targeted Fat Reduction for Face and Body

RefinedMD invites you to learn more about a few exciting treatments for fat reduction of the face and body including

  • Kybella for submental fat (double chin)
  • Exilis body contouring and skin tightening
  • Vanquish Me fat reduction
  • CoolSculpting
  • Emsculpt

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Kybella For Double Chin

As one of the quickest treatments available, Kybella takes just 10 – 15 minutes and involves a series of injections. Designed specifically for that “wobble” under the neck that often comes with age (or genetics), most patients see visible contouring in two to four treatments. However, some patients require six treatments to achieve their desired goals.

Kybella works via deoxycholic acid, which is a natural molecule in the body. It helps in breaking down and absorbing dietary fat, but isn’t always as effective as it could be. When the right break down occurs, the fat cells are gone forever. Many Kybella patients report that no future treatments are needed. Even better, there’s minimal downtime. You might want to take it easy with work and social plans for the 24 hours following the procedure, since side effects can include redness, bruising, pain, and swelling, but these quickly subside. Still, it might be a little awkward to meet your Tinder date when you’re sporting a crimson neck.

Kybella is one of the most extensively studied new products on the aesthetics market. It took ten years to identify proper injection placements and techniques, but the results have been well worth the wait. It’s FDA approved, safe, and effective.

Vanquish Me Fat Reduction

With Selective RF technology, Vanquish Me is the first fat reduction treatment that doesn’t limit patients to being within 30 pounds of their optimal BMI. Designed for the abdomen and inner/outer thigh areas, two areas that stubbornly cling to fat, fat cells are destroyed by selectively heating them externally. This leads to shrinkage and ultimately elimination of adipocytes over several weeks.

Vanquish Me works by precisely using thermal energy whereby fat cells are targeted with heat in the deep tissue layer. Vanquish Me is completely free from contact and patients only feel a gentle warming sensation as the panel hovers over their treatment area. Once the fat cells are destroyed by the heat, they are processed by the body and eliminated naturally. Vanquish Me is comfortable, non-surgical, pain-free with absolutely no down time.

Exilis Fat Reduction

Exilis works via ultrasound and radiofrequency. Targeted areas of the body are heated up using these methods to melt away stubborn fat while simultaneously tightening the skin. Your results? Gorgeous contouring with rejuvenated skin. There are no needles, no invasive procedures, and most patients report only slight warmth. The procedure is so comfortable, no topical anaesthetics are needed.

An applicator tip is used to massage the heat over the area. This laser allows for a deeper penetration to better melt away fat and shape the body. Energy destroys the fat cells, which are then removed naturally by the body in weeks following the procedure. Destroyed fat cells can never come back. Unlike fat cells that are shrunk through diet and exercise, once fat cells are gone they’re gone for good. After the fat is melted, a soothing cooling applicator is applied. This is what kickstarts the skin tightening. Exilis is suitable for both the body and face, with different applicator tips depending on skin thickness. This kind of customized settings is part of what makes Exilis such a personalized treatment option.

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