Have you tried every nose strip available? Gambled at popping your own whiteheads and lost? There’s a reason your mom told you not to squeeze your acne, but you can only take having a nose that resembles a strawberry for so long. When it comes to skin, health is more important than a lot of us understand. There’s a reason your mom also told you not to pick at your skin. Squeezing our blackheads and popping pimples is tempting, but comes at a risk of bacterial infections, scarring, and making the situation worse. For an expert touch, contact RefinedMD today.

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Clear Skin With Extractions

Our aestheticians know the best techniques to clear clogged pores without damaging your skin. Proper treatment of acne spots can reduce scarring and instantly boost the looks and health of your skin. Plus, it’s one of the most satisfying and cathartic experiences out there. (Seriously, rage-cleaning your kitchen has nothing on this).

The trick to flawless extractions is steam. Most clients are basic (sorry, everyone) and on the finger-extraction level. Add in some comedone extractions with a special little tool, or a vacuum-assisted extraction via Dermalinfusion, and you’re on a whole new level. Sebum, or skin oil, can be a good thing. It keeps our skin hydrated and looking young. However, too much leads to clogged pores and an oily complexion. Just like chocolate and wine, there really can be too much of a good thing.

Pair an extraction appointment with any other treatment option for acne and maximize your skin’s health. A chemical peel can reveal even fresher skin below the surface. A facial is the ultimate way to pamper your skin after an extraction session. In the aesthetic industry, “extraction” is an overarching term for popping pimples. However, at RefinedMD, we can still bill your insurance company and call it acne surgery. That’s right. “Surgery” doesn’t need to involve scalpels or incisions. Acne is a serious condition, as anyone suffering from a zit from the underworld knows. It can be just as damaging as other skin conditions like cysts (and for the record, we can totally extract cysts, too. Don’t try that at home!). It just happens to operate on both an aesthetic and medical level.

Ready for the clearest skin of your life and minimal pore size? Call RefinedMD at (408) 882-9043 and get ready for a face so flawless, you can’t wait to show it off.