Sometimes a little throwback beautification is in order. If you want to improve the texture, tone, and quality of your skin today, facials can come through for you as one of the most decadent of treatments with immediate results. There’s a reason they’ve been a staple of aestheticians for years, and the latest facials are decked out with organic materials that will give you a glow like no other.

If you’re a ginger with freckles, you deserve a gentler touch. Are you a Type II who is very sun sensitive, burns quickly, and gets just a touch of a tan? We have what it takes for our fair-skinned and fair-haired clients. The Type III sun-sensitive skin that sometimes burns and tans slowly also needs a customized facial approach. Get dramatic improvement of your skin that will leave you looking and feeling your best.

Our Aestheticians have a combined experience of 30+ years treating common skin problems and finding the right customized blend of treatments and products to nurse skin back to health. Connect with RefinedMD today and let’s get started on whipping up the ultimate facial for your skin and goals.

Facials at RefinedMD in Los Gatos

Luxury Anti-Aging Facial

90 minutes for $285

The Luxury Anti-Aging Facial embodies pampering and all things luxury. This facial includes chemical exfoliation with an exfoliating mask, facial massage, and medical-grade skin care products for a “double cleanse”. There are no harsh chemicals, deep cleans, or extractions here that might cause temporary redness or swelling.

The Luxury Anti-Aging Facial is a phenomenal standalone treatment or the perfect follow-up to favorite treatments like dermal fillers. Featuring the lymphatic drainage facial that detoxifies the skin via massage, our Luxury Anti-Aging Facial turns back the clock from the inside out. Intended for more mature skin, this treatment undoes decades of damage. Customizable for each client, a favorite addition is a modified DiamondGlow for optimal results.

Men’s Facial

50 minutes customized for $175

Enjoy a deep-cleaning facial with extractions and acupressure massage for the ultimate anti-aging experience. The men’s facial is fully customizable and your provider is flexible on length and treatment approaches. Targeted to male dermatology and/or aesthetic clients, this comprehensive and individualized treatment is the perfect way to undo years of damage. The skin is the biggest organ you have. Take care of it with the help of professionals. Featuring medical-grade skin care products and highly-trained experts, you can’t fully care for your skin at home. Office procedures set the foundation for clear, healthy, strong skin.

RefinedMD Signature Facial

20-minute skin care consultation followed by a 30-minute facial for $195

New to medical-grade facials or simply want to set a healthy foundation for your skin? This introductory 30-minute facial is preceded by a 20-minute skin care consultation so we can determine your skin type and goals. Similar to a European facial, this treatment includes cleansing, extractions if necessary, a mask, and a customized skin care regimen with massage. Suitable for men and women with any skin type, our Signature Facial is part dermatological, part cosmetic, and 100% guaranteed to leave your skin looking and feeling softer, smoother, and healthier. Treat yourself (or someone special) to the facial designed to fit into your lunch hour and leave you glowing.

DiamondGlow Treatment

Price Varies per Treatment

It’s the most-requested facial at RefinedMD and, increasingly, around the world, and with good reason. DiamondGlow uses real diamonds to exfoliate the skin, and every DiamondGlow session is different because it’s individualized to your skin at the moment of treatment. This three-step process requires just 30 minutes and results in skin that is supple, smooth, and truly glowing. Learn more about DiamondGlow and see package pricing for DiamondGlow Express, DiamondGlow Deluxe, and DiamondGlow Elite. Each treatment varies in length and treatment areas include face, neck, chest, and hands. Learn more about DiamondGlow.

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We specialize in all Fitzpatrick skin types, including Type I for those with highly sensitive skin that always burn and never tan. Combining expert aestheticians with high-quality products delivers a powerful punch to all skin types. Through careful analysis of your skin, our aestheticians can offer an advanced approach to facials for any and all skin types. These aren’t your grandma’s facials.


Address dryness, oily skin, aging skin, dehydration, and even environmental damages in a single session. Facials can also be used in tandem with a variety of other treatments to take your skin to the next level.