Why One of the Oldest Beauty Procedures is Still in High Demand

Why One of the Oldest Beauty Procedures is Still in High Demand

Why One of the Oldest Beauty Procedures is Still in High Demand

What came first, microneedling or chemical peels? At RefinedMD, we offer both (as well as facials), but figuring out which came “first” is a case of vernacular debate. Microneedling is a very specific kind of collagen induction therapy that works by creating several hundreds or thousands of “micro-channels” into the skin via special needles. This procedure was first used at the turn of the last century and was initially designed to help those wounded in war to heal better. Of course, the technology and technique of microneedling has drastically advanced in recent years (hello, AquaGold!). But you get the idea.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels and facials are a bit trickier to nail down. Technically, a chemical peel is any cocktail of “chemicals” applied to the face in order to strip away the top layer or layers of skin. You might consider the application of citric acid on the face from hundreds of years ago as a chemical peel. The same goes for facials. A facial is any topical applied to the face meant to enhance beauty. Facials are as old as time immemorial (probably). Just like with microneedling, advancements have been made. Today, DiamondGlow is considered a kind of “facial” even though it’s so much more. It uses genuine crushed diamond tips to simultaneously exfoliate, extract, and infuse the skin.

But one thing is certain. When it comes to time-tested treatments, there’s a reason why microneedling, peels, and facials have never gone out of style. They really work.

Microneedling Madness

Microneedling as we know it today really became popular about 25 years ago. This is when major advancements in the handheld device were initially made and it became more of a cosmetic treatment than a tool in reconstructive procedures. The micro-traumas from microneedling tell the body to start producing more collagen as a healing response. Plus, you get to tell the body where this needs to take place. Microneedling is most commonly used on the face, neck, and chest, but can really be used anywhere on the body.

AquaGold is a kind of microneedling that uses solid gold needles that can delve deeper than any previous microneedling device. But what really makes this treatment unique is that the needles are hollow, so your provider can fill them with hand-selected medical-grade products. These products are then delivered deeper into the skin than what can be achieved with a topical solution. This gives you a double whammy approach to turning back the clock. You get all the benefits of microneedling (and then some, thanks to the deeper needles) plus the placement of products below the skin’s surface.

Peels and Facials

Today’s peels are typically considered light or medium. There are also deep peels, but these are rarely used because they are very painful (often requiring anesthesia) and have a long recovery period. Most clients will get the results they want with a light or medium peel. There are seemingly countless cocktail concoctions of ingredients, and your provider will help match you with the best peel for you. There are also peels for those with darker skin tones that do not have a risk of lightening the skin.

Facials fall into the same category. However, just like with peels, there’s a big difference between a facial you do at home and what you can get in-office. Only medical providers have legal access to peels and chemicals with the best ingredients in the highest doses. Basically, if you’re interested in a peel and/or facial, you’re going to want it performed by a pro.

The Test of Time

We love new innovations—just look at Emsculpt, CoolSculpting, laser skin rejuvenation, and more. But there’s something to be said for time-tested and trusted treatments. When you combine them with the latest technology and science-backed findings, what’s not to love? Microneedling, peels, and facials all fall into the category of treatments that should be considered routine. Once per month is the max for most patients, and you can go longer in between sessions when opting for medium depth chemical peels.

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