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Sun damage is sneaky. It can take years to see visible signs of sun damage, often sustained after decades of regular exposure. While severe sunburns are most commonly linked to melanoma, the deadliest of skin cancers, it’s also those mini exposures in daily life that can add up. (And if you are diagnosed with melanoma? Early action is key—the good news is that it’s also the most treatable when caught early). Dr. Steven Swengel and the team at Refined Dermatology specialize in both sun damage treatment and education. If you just can’t give up that bronzed glow, be straight with us. We have some fantastic recommendations for alternatives. Get in touch with Refined Dermatology today and let’s tackle that sun damage together.

Long-Term Damage From The Sun

Long-term sun damage often presents as discoloration and an increase in wrinkles. In severe situations, skin may look leathery (think the old, orange woman in There’s Something About Mary.) Fortunately, many signs of sun damage are reversible. We have a number of the latest treatments, lasers, and technology to help restore skin to it’s pre-damaged state. Which one is right for you? That depends, which is why every sun damage treatment regimen is customized.

Some of the most common treatments include LaseMD, Clear and Brilliant, and Broadband Light (BBL). This trio packs a powerful punch, but there are even more choices to consider. Since every person is different, their sun damage treatment needs to be unique, too.

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Treatment for Sun Damage

Sun Damage Treatment at Refined Dermatology

“Sun damage” is a big term that can include a number of treatments. Some people want their moles removed for esthetic reasons, but these beauty marks usually need to be biopsied as part of the removal process. While not all skin cancer presents as moles, most does. If you remove these moles without a biopsy to ensure you took all the cancer cells, you risk leaving these cells deep within the skin to multiply later on without the tell-tale mole hinting at something being wrong. We use Mohs surgery to ensure the smallest scar is left after a mole removal. It’s also the safest.

Sometimes melasma is confused with skin cancer, but it’s actually a relatively safe form of sun damage. Have rosacea? Sun exposure is a major trigger. There’s also hyper and hypopigmentation, which presents differently based on skin type but often looks like brown spots and sunburns. Once we determine that you’re in the clear for skin cancer, a variety of treatments from chemical peels to Microneedling can help patients reverse all those bronzing sessions. Treating sun damage is one of the top services for men, since the less-than-fair sex tends to forego sunscreen a little more often than women. Call Refined Dermatology at 408-384-3845 and get your sun damage treatment started.

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