Technology We Use

You’ll get optimal aesthetic results for everything from tattoo removal to scar reduction with the best technology and dermatology experts. RefinedMD is committed to testing and selecting only the best performing and safest technologies. When your aesthetic dermatology team always has the latest tech, hand-tested by expert dermatologists, you can count on astonishing, natural-looking results. Get in touch with RefinedMD to schedule your aesthetics consultation today – (408) 688-2082. Here are seven of the most impressive, in-demand technologies available at our clinic.

3D Body Imaging with Quantificare Imaging System

This revolutionary camera method systematically captures an image of a client’s entire body—with no clothing removal required. Simply wear your tightest-fitting clothing and images are stitched together to create a perfect 3D model. It is ideal for clients undergoing contouring treatments like Emsculpt, CoolSculpting, Exilis, and other fat reduction or skin tightening treatments. A complimentary before photo lets you see your body’s true starting point, and ongoing 3D models help clients authentically gauge their success. A photo document of your body in 3D offers clear circumferential measurements. It’s so detailed, complete with color mapping for volume lost or added, that even dimples can be assessed.

CoolSculpting Technology

Also known as cryolipolysis, CoolSculpting is an innovative technology that freezes targeted areas of fat to allow for customized body contouring. It is reserved for those at or near goal weight who struggle with stubborn areas of fat, but who don’t want the risks associated with liposuction. CoolSculpting works over several weeks, making it a great match for 3D body imaging.

Emsculpt Body Toning

Everyone wants toned abs and a shapely derriere, but for those who aren’t genetically blessed or don’t have hours to spend at the gym doing strength training exercises, how is it possible? Emsculpting forces the abs and/or glutes into submaximal contractions that perfectly mimic crunches, lunges, or squats. In 30 minutes, clients can relax while Emsculpting technology forces 20,000 ab or glute exercises. It is common to be sore afterward, but the results last for approximately six months before a “booster” session is recommended. Emsculpting is ideal for anyone looking for a more toned stomach, thighs, or backside, and results can be measured with the Quantificare Imaging System.

Thermage FLX Skin Tightening

Skin loses elasticity with age, and lax skin can make a person look older than they are. Thermage FLX is the latest skin tightening technology being acquired by RefinedMD in 2019 and is the newest generation of cooling technology. This allows us to deliver more energy, more comfortably, with more predictable results. Keep an eye on our skin tightening procedures to be one of the first to experience the phenomenal results only Thermage can offer.

Over 20 Lasers

RefinedMD has an incredible variety of lasers available for every imaginable procedure. From broadband light therapy to Halo and LaseMD, there is a laser to treat your specific concerns and attain your goals. If a clinic only has a few lasers, you don’t get a customized procedure. RefinedMD experts personally select and test every laser acquired so that only the absolute best is offered to each client.

Visia Complexion Analysis

The face is one of the first parts of the body to show age, sun damage, wrinkles, and is the number one place for acne scarring. Fortunately, there are a number of procedures available to improve facial skin tone and laxity—but how do you really know these procedures are working? Visia complexion analysis uses a variety of specialized lights to show vitiligo, age spots, sun damage, brown spots, inflammation, and more. When you know the exact state of your skin before, during, and after procedures, you know what works best for you.