Scar Treatments

Sure, you could say scars are battle wounds that prove a life well lived. But when it comes down to it, many people would prefer to be scar-free if they could—especially if those scars are on the face or otherwise conspicuous. Hey, we can’t all be Tommy Flanagan (please Google his name), but everyone can reduce scar visibility with cosmetic services. At RefinedMD in Los Gatos, three main options are available including surgical, laser, and topical medications. Give us a call to find out more about the best option for you – (408) 688-2082.

Lasers to Remove Scarring

Laser options are much more common, allowing your pro team to address the scar without needing another incision. It’s ideal for treating acne scars, and is often used in tandem with Microneedling to encourage collagen growth. A fractional laser, CO2 laser, or erbium laser is used to create tiny holes in the skin. This stimulates collagen growth, which will naturally heal and reduce the scar’s visibility. Hot or cold lasers may be used depending on the scar. Patients will require a series of treatments to repeatedly damage the skin and allow it to heal. These microinjuries can effectively treat up to 30 percent of the scarred area at a time.

A better approach to scar management? Avoiding them in the first place. You might be rolling your eyes at this obvious advice, but consider this: What happens if and when you need a skin biopsy? These little scars can add up, and not in a pretty way. That’s why Dr. Steven Swengel offers Mohs Surgery, the most effective and least invasive means of analyzing moles thoroughly while leaving the smallest possible scar.


A fantastic treatment for a visual improvement in scarring from acne and other conditions. 

Laser Skin Resurfacing

When skin experiences controlled injuries, it heals naturally and to a better state than pre-treatment. 

Dermal Fillers

Fillers can be used to raise scars to the surface level of the skin whereby minimizing the look of acne pitted scars.

Removing Scars Surgically

Surgical remedies are the most invasive, requiring a new incision to lessen the appearance of a previous scar. This method is reserved for larger, raised (keloid) scars. It’s usually only recommended if a previous scar healed poorly.

Scar Removal with Additional Cosmetic Treatments

A number of topical solutions, such as laser skin resurfacing, can also be a great way to prevent and minimize scarring. From acne scars to tattoo laser removal, it turns out you really can do-over the past. Services for men are also available if it turns out that cystic acne scars from high school or a questionable tattoo needs to go. Call RefinedMD at (408) 688-2082 and get back to the skin you deserve.