Are things coming up roses … on your face? Nobody knows the actual cause of rosacea (annoying, right?), but it’s clear that it shows up in many ways. It might be facial flushing, with redness on the cheeks and nose that gives the impression that you’re always crushing on whoever might be within five feet of you. It can appear as acne-like bumps that are actually small, dilated blood vessels close to the surface. Don’t try to pop those puppies. It may appear as swollen bumps along the nose and eyes. Fortunately, contacting the team at RefinedMD is your first step in getting rosacea under control.

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Diagnosing and Treating Rosacea

Dermatologists have been seeing more and more cases of rosacea in the past decade. Most patients report that they become more sensitive to heat, irritants, sweat, and exfoliation over time, and these irritants seem to make their rosacea flare up. Some say certain foods and drinks cause rosacea flareups including spicy or hot food, red wine (gasp!), coffee (facepalm), and some kinds of alcoholic beverages. It might seem like everything you love and all your vices are against you—but at least you have a serious reason to avoid going too hard at the gym.

Avoiding Rosacea Triggers

Regularly exposing yourself to rosacea triggers can lead to permanent redness. One of the biggest issues is that underlying skin sensitivity, which needs to be carefully addressed in all aspects of skin care and protection. Fortunately, most rosacea patients stall at the occasional coming and going stages of the “disease.” Others may progress to having red bumps on a regular basis, dubbed “acne rosacea.” A few move on to having enlarged oil glands on the cheeks and nose, which can lead to a thickening of the skin or “rhinophyma.”

The good news is that those in the first stage of a Rosacea flare-up have plenty of tools available and we, at RefinedMD, are happy to help diagnose and treat your condition.

It’s All Staged: Planning Your Rosacea Treatment

There are a variety of options when seeking treatment for Rosacea if you’re in the first stages. It starts with learning proper skin cleansing, toning, and oil removal techniques. Avoiding glycolic acids and easing into retinoid products like Retin A is critical. The Obagi Hydrate layered with Retin A is a fantastic foundation for many. Restorsea and Epionce Milky Cleanser along with Medical Barrier Cream is tolerated well by many and helps to reduce inflammation.

With RefinedMD products designed to treat sensitive, rosacea-prone skin, you’re on the fast track to a soothed complexion. These products cleanse, protect, and stimulate healthy skin growth without irritation. Only those with acne rosacea may be prescribed antibiotics and/or topical treatments, such as Metrogel, Finacea, and Soolantra. Many patients find that low dose antibiotics do a great job of pimple control, so they can reduce topical medication usage.

Unfortunately, you may always look like a blushing bride (or groom) since rosacea never goes away. However, with personalized rosacea services for men and women including laser skin rejuvenation for an added optimization, you can dramatically reduce redness. Avoid your triggers, be gentle and kind to your skin, and consider an annual BBL or Excel V treatment to “get the red out.” Ensure the best skin care regimen for you and your type of rosacea by calling RefinedMD at (408) 688-2082.

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