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At Refined Dermatology, we offer a variety of fillers to achieve each patient’s esthetic goals. Every filler is different, with inherently different properties—however, the quality of the results also depends on the skill of the injector. All fillers available at Refined Dermatology are FDA-approved, and we promise an unbiased, non-conflicted consultation. We’ll never recommend a treatment to a patient doesn’t need, or that won’t offer the desired results. Call 408-384-3845 today to schedule an appointment.

Getting Started With The World Of Dermal Fillers

New to fillers, or want to try out a new-to-you filler without the commitment? We offer short-acting, reversible fillers that allow you to test out a new look (and get a selfie for the ‘gram) for a year or less. Are you a seasoned esthetic patient, or experiencing “filler fatigue” after use of repeated injections? We’ve got you covered with longer lasting collagen stimulators like Bellafill, Sculptra, and Radiesse. Get in touch with Refined Dermatology in Los Gatos and explore the full world of fillers.

“Fillers” are an umbrella term for a product that’s injected, usually into the face, to increase volume in a specific area. Most fillers are comprised of hyaluronic acid. During your consultation, we’ll determine together what your goals are so we can match you with the best product and best possible outcome. From the Juvederm family to the Restalyne crew, the first part of an excellent filler experience is finding the right, skilled dermatology office for the procedure. We are excited to meet your beautiful face.

Cosmetic Dermatology

We at Refined Dermatology understand cosmetic treatments allow patients to feel comfortable and confident in their skin. From Botox and Fillers to fat reduction treatments and laser skin rejuvenation, we are committed to the highest quality of care to meet the needs of our patients.

Restylane Silk Injections at Refined Dermatology

Fat and collagen deteriorate after time based on genetics, environmental factors, and other skin considerations. Restylane Silk dermal filler is ideal for addressing the signs of aging by correcting the fine lines around your mouth, adding fullness to your lips, and an overall very smooth and subtle result. Contact board certified Dr. Steven Swengel today at Refined Dermatology and schedule a consultation.

The Truth About Dermal Fillers with Dr. Steven Swengel

Board certified dermatologist Dr. Steven Swengel talks about the loss of facial volume and how that translates to wrinkles we see on the face and mouth. It’s critical to keep the symmetry of the face when using dermal fillers and well as address the underlying issue to create balance and harmony.

Facial Fillers

Put your best face forward (for real) with Voluma-XC. It’s the product that can be placed deepest in the face to replace “fat pads” that get lost in the central part of the face as we age. Think those pesky under-eye bags. Just like your backside, having the right amount of fat in the face is a good thing. It volumizes the face over bony areas, providing immediate results if you don’t want to wait for collagen stimulation.

Eye Fillers

The eyes have it, whether you’re “smiling” or taking your best come-hither selfie. Refined Dermatology often recommends Belotero Balance, a great choice for fine lines beneath the eyes. It’s designed to integrate itself naturally into the most superficial level of the dermis. No other filler can be injected at this level to treat that thin, fine eye area. It’s often used simultaneously with other, deeper products like Microneedling or laser skin rejuvenation to give these areas of the face an overall more youthful appearance.

Lip Fillers

Angelina Jolie’s pillowy lips are no fad. Kylie Jenner has built an empire out of creating the perfect plump, and it’s all thanks to lip fillers. Build up deeper folds, and even restore volume to the cheeks with a variety of products including Juvederm Ultra and Ultra Plus, Restalyne, and Restalyne Lyft. These hyaluronic acid fillers last up to one year with expert injections. Known as “HA,” hyaluronic fillers are so powerful, they even allow us to reshape the nose for a non-surgical nose-job! Not ready to rival Scarlett Johansson for pout of the year? A less dramatic, but still stunning, redefinition of lip lines is available with Restalyne Silk.

Boost results even more with Platelet-Rich Fibrin (PRF). PRF optimizes the results of your dermal fillers, and has a shorter shelf-life than the more widely known platelet-rich plasma (PRP). It’s a real game changer.


Collagen Stimulators

Collagen is your body’s natural miracle worker, but we produce less of it as we age (insert sad face emoji). Collagen stimulators have a similar concept to hyaluronic acid fillers, but with one big difference. They encourage the body to produce more natural collagen on its own, directly at the injection spot. Voila! Who says you can’t turn back time?

There are a number of fab collagen stimulators on the market and available at Refined Dermatology. Sculptra, Bellafill, and Radiesse are our most commonly recommended collagen stimulators. They recreate that youthful inverted triangle shape of the face. Seriously, you may have never thought of your teen face as an inverted triangle, but scroll through those old photos. It’s true. They also smooth, fill, and improve the appearance of thinning skin on the earlobes, backs of the hands, and that creepy look to the upper chest. Anywhere skin is thinnest, you’ll see signs of aging first.

For best results, the filler world (and our office) is shifting its focus from lined areas of the face to volume replacement and “liquid facelifts.” Fillers are now being placed much more deeply into the skin, sometimes all the way to the bone. This gives the most natural and effective recreation of volume lost over time. Meet the contenders:

Dermal Fillers | Refined Dermatology, Los Gatos and San Jose, CA


The newest collagen stimulator on the block, Bellafill is a unique long-term filler with millions of polymethyl methacrylate microspheres in bovine collagen. Try saying that five times fast (or two times after a glass of wine). It’s only for the melolabial smile, the technical term for smile lines and laugh lines. Bellafill offers immediate results thanks to the bovine collagen. As it’s absorbed into the body, the microsphere disperses outward, attracting new cells (or fibroblasts), which in turn gather around the spheres and create your own collagen. In theory, it’s the filler that never ends. No wonder Bellafill lasts so much longer than other fillers.


Another newcomer, Sculptra has already made a name for itself as one of the newest fillers and collagen stimulators on the market. Dr. Swengel considers Sculptra the best option to fill and replace “facial volume loss.” Traditional dermal fillers only tackle wrinkles, lines, and folds. Sculptra works differently and may be used in any part of the face to stimulate the body’s natural collagen production over approximately two months.


No, we’re not using all caps because we’re so excited about Radiesse—but we should be! Radiesse is one of the most tried and tested products available on the market. Designed to address tissue augmentation via collagen stimulation, it’s comprised of what makes up our bones: Calcium hydroxyapatite. Suspended in a gel, it’s a fantastic match for a stimulator because it’s made up of what’s already in our body. There’s no risk of inflammation or immune reactions, and is naturally absorbed into the body.

Complement your collagen stimulation with some Platelet-Rich Fibrin (PRF), and ward off future wrinkles with a touch of Botox, Dysport or Xeomin. At Refined Dermatology, our commitment is your happiness. (And don’t let those references to female celebs fool you. We’re known for phenomenal dermatology services for men, too!) Call Refined Dermatology at 408-384-3845 and reclaim your face.

The goal at Refined Dermatology is to utilize the latest skin Care treatments to give patients the skin they deserve.
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