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Gotten yourself into a hairy situation? Whether you’re a woman who can’t take another shaving nick in the shower or you’re looking for services for men to nail that flawless and permanent beard line, laser hair removal can make your life (and shower routine) a lot easier. Here are some hard facts: Men spend 1,092 hours of their life shaving their face. Women spend 1,728 hours shaving their legs. And these are just the most common shaving regions. What about underarms, arms, bikini areas, and even moustaches for women (don’t deny it, we see you trying to be covert). Dr. Steven Swengel and the team at RefinedMD can free up your time with laser hair removal, and all it takes is a quick phone call to get started.

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Laser hair removal requires the correct wavelengths to safely treat hair based on skin and hair type.

Maybe you have a friend who tried laser hair removal and it didn’t work. Laser hair removal requires the correct wavelengths to safely treat hair based on skin and hair type. If you use the wrong laser, guess what? It won’t work well. RefinedMD is one of the few offices that features Cutera Excel HR with both 755nm Alexandrite and 1064nm NdYag. This technology lets us treat all skin types up to Fitzpatrick VI. The best laser for treating hair is the 755nm Alexandrite, but there’s a catch. At a certain point, there may be so much pigment in the skin, either as natural melanin or from a tan, that the 755nm can’t safely be applied to the epidermis to reach the hair bulb.

Hair bulbs are tricky. They need to be treated in order to stop hair growth, but they’re hidden under the deepest layer of necessary fat, the subcutaneous. If you’re a bronzed goddess or a melanin queen, don’t worry. Laser hair removal can still be effective, but the 1064nm needs to be used for safety. It virtually ignores surface pigment to deliver heat at the right depth to take down those hair follicles.

Still, the rule of thumb is that those with light skin and dark hair do best with laser hair removal. Have blonde or gray hair? No laser can kill those suckers. Even light brown hair can be a challenge. If you have just a few hairs or they’re very light, electrolysis might be a better fit for you. No matter the hair situation, hair removal is possible. Call (408) 688-2082 and book your consultation with RefinedMD today.

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