Laser Tattoo Removal

We all make mistakes, whether it’s that sorority tattoo proudly scrawled on your ankle, the ex’s name emblazoned on your chest, or that tribal tramp stamp that makes it impossible for you to show any midriff. There aren’t enough lasers in the world to treat the kaleidoscope of colors people have needled into their skin—or are there? RefinedMD specializes in undoing oopses with the powerful Fotona QX Max. It’s the best laser on the market for tattoo removal. Find out how you can truly erase your past by connecting with RefinedMD today.

First, some fun facts. It’s still true that red and black inks are the easiest to remove. You can now fist pump if your tat is the staple “Mom” tattoo featuring a red heart with a thick black outline (and we won’t tell Mom about your removal plans, promise). Red and black are relatively easy because there are a number of laser wavelengths that can nail those colors. However, the Fotona QX Max can also treat blues and greens. Now that nature scene or frolicking dolphin in the waves can finally be obliterated. Not that we’re anti-environment, of course. We just know that you don’t always want the entirety of an oceanic or forest scene on your most personal of canvases.

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How Tattoo Removal Works

How do laser treatments for tattoos work? It’s all about the principal of photoacoustic destruction. Tattoos aren’t actually forever, or at least they don’t need to be. Those pigment granules can be destroyed, similar to blowing up popcorn kernels in the microwave. The laser hits the ink granules, and they “explode” into smaller particles. These little pieces might rise to the surface and disappear as your skin sheds naturally, or they might be safely processed by the body.

Tattoo Removal Is Unique To Each Person

Tattoo removal takes time. Those little particles need to find their escape. That’s why patients should wait six to eight weeks between treatments. It’s a slow and steady removal. There are a number of variables to consider including skin type, ink colors, depth of tattoo, density of the pigment, blending, and a person’s age and health. You’ll probably spend a lot more time and thought getting a tattoo removed compared to getting one inked in. Consider that the next time you get an itching for new ink.

Tattoo Removal At RefinedMD, Los Gatos

We’ve come a long way in the world of tattoo removal. It’s one of the most asked-about services for men and women alike. We’ve seen it all, and we promise we won’t laugh at your tattoo choice. If you’re ready to kiss the past goodbye, call RefinedMD at (408) 688-2082 to schedule your consultation.