The Aesthetic Office that Offers a Full Spectrum

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The Aesthetic Office that Offers a Full Spectrum

Once again, RefinedMD is getting ready for a name change and we can’t wait to introduce you to the new us! Meet RefinedMD, home to even more than the best in dermatology. Dr. Sudeep Roy recently joined our highly refined team. He’s double board-certified in both head and neck surgery as well as facial plastic surgery. With credentials like those, we simply have to make the “MD” of our clinic a highlight.

Of course, we’ve always been your hub for the most qualified medical professionals. Dr. Swengel previously served as Director of Cosmetic Services at Kaiser Permanente and was the first to implement the full spectrum of services in that role, offering dermatology, facial plastics, oculoplastics, and general plastics in an integrated manner.

Spoiler alert—his approach worked! Patients always received the optimal blend of specialties to address their unique needs. There is often an overlap of needs for patients, so having several specialties available is a must for a personalized approach. Optimizing outcomes and achieving long-term results have always been (and continue to be) at the heart of Dr. Swengel’s practice.

What Sets RefinedMD Apart From Other Specialists

It’s often said that if all you have is a hammer, everything starts to look like a nail—and the same goes in a specialty office. You maximize every tool and take them to the limit. Well, the toolbox is fully loaded at RefinedMD, so we are focused and creative when it comes to addressing your personal needs. You enjoy objective outcomes without ever compromising your care.

There are division points among specialties, and every specialty has its strengths. You can overlap specialties sometimes, but no specialty can do it all. When that happens, you’re not getting the best in care. A well-trained aesthetic board-certified dermatologist knows skin and what’s best for every skin type and condition. They’re adept at laser technology and know-how to optimize these cutting-edge tools. However, there’s a point where even the best medical skincare, injectables, and laser technology can’t lift or tighten skin to achieve the results you want. That’s when it’s time to see a surgeon—but you don’t have to go far.

What Do Facial Plastic Surgeons Do?

A facelift, eyelid surgery, nose or ear surgery are specialties of facial plastic surgeons. The changes as we get older are threefold: aging skin, volume loss, and tissue descent. All have to be addressed collectively and remember that aging changes occur throughout your life and never stop. We can’t turn back the clock, but we can slow it down. It’s an ongoing synergy of our collective goals that will slow the clock to keep you as healthy, confident, and beautiful as you deserve to be.

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