A Holiday Note from Dr. Swengel

A Holiday Note from Dr. Steven Swengel | RefinedMD, Los Gatos

A Holiday Note from Dr. Swengel

The Holidays are right around the corner! Your schedule will be filled with fun, travel, cold days, and possibly added stress. This can take a toll on your skin. At this time of year, you need to reassess what you are doing for yourself and your skin to get you through the holidays and the colder, drier months ahead. The biggest challenge we all face with our skin is ‘loss of barrier function.’ This is what makes our skin look sallow, dry and lined.

The first step is to hydrate from within. A healthy body should be 45-55% hydrated.  Without that amount, your skin demonstrates the deficiency first. One simple word of wisdom: water. Pure and simple.

Watch the caffeine, the salts in carbonated and sports drinks and of course the alcohol.  All of these can sequester and deplete your best efforts to remain hydrated. New knowledge of the skin’s barrier function has allowed us to refine what we put in our skin care products to repair and replace that barrier. No need to use heavy, greasy products of the past.

The key ingredient in new creams is various ceramides as well as the use of new deeper hydrators and bioactive products that stimulate healthier and more robust skin growth.  I have shared my favorite products that can keep your skin looking great during the holiday season in the RefinedMD Holiday Insider. You can sign up to receive our newsletter in the sidebar to the right.

Until I see you next, enjoy the start of this wonderful holiday season.

Great Skin for Life,
Dr. Steven Swengel

Dr. Steven Swengel is the founder of RefinedMD in Los Gatos. Call our office today to learn more about skin tightening, fat reduction, and aesthetician services.