Stop Letting Acne Get You into Spotty Situations

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Stop Letting Acne Get You into Spotty Situations

Although often referred to as one of many teenage trials, acne can—and does—happen to anyone of any age. Whether you’re in high school or your golden years, acne can creep up on you. RefinedMD understands that acne is more than facial blemishes. It’s tied to our self-esteem, self-value, and how others see us. In severe cases, acne can cause permanent scarring and keep people from enjoying their social life. It’s time to stop acne for good.

Treatment for Acne: Types, Discoloration, And Breakouts

If you’ve tried every possible home remedy and over the counter product with no luck, you’re not alone. Those options are only effective for a handful of people who are suffering from mild, occasional breakouts. If you want to get serious about treating your acne, you need professional-grade treatments.

First, it’s important to determine what type of acne you have. There are four varieties including papules, pustules, nodules, and cysts. You may have a combination of acne types, and each one requires a slightly different approach to treatment. Patients may need topical or oral medication to treat the acne.

However, treating the “pimples,” cysts, and blackheads is just part of the holistic acne treatment. Even seemingly minor outbreaks can lead to semi-permanent or permanent discoloration and scarring. It’s not uncommon to see adults well into their “mid-century modern” years sporting acne scars from high school.

Fortunately, there are many ways to treat discoloration and acne scarring. This can include laser therapy, and RefinedMD has over 20 lasers on-site. Your skincare team will work with you to determine your goals and the best laser therapy for your acne. There are also options such as chemical peels, which “peel away” the top layers of skin to reveal youthful-looking skin below. Many times, this can also drastically reduce or even remove acne-related discoloration and scarring (while making you look healthier and younger at the same time!).

Acne Treatment At RefinedMD

Acne isn’t a “teenage problem” or caused by the occasional chocolate bar. There are many causes of acne, including environmental, genetic, and hormonal. That doesn’t mean you have to live with the results. Call RefinedMD today at (408) 688-2082 and get on the path towards clearer skin.