To Starface or Not to Starface?

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To Starface or Not to Starface?

You’re about to see “Starface” all over Instagram, following closely on the heels of Justin Bieber declaring on his own IG that “pimples are in.” However, at RefinedMD, we understand that acne is a serious, legitimate medical condition that can be painful and embarrassing—not something to celebrate. It’s fantastic that the body positivity movement is expanding and normalizing acne, but the reality is that you don’t have to live with this uncomfortable condition. But let’s rewind for a moment. What exactly is Starface?

Not All Fads Are Worth It

It’s an online product that launched September 5, and is basically a “pimple patch” in the shape of a bright star. In contrast to old-school, over the counter patches that either look medical or designed to blend in, Starface are gold patches that beg to be shown off on social media. They use hydrocolloid to help absorb excess fluid and keep out bacteria. Both of these methods can be helpful for mild acne, but if you have serious acne (like a lot of people do), Starface isn’t going to cut it.

While the Starface campaign is unique and promises “endless opportunities to turn your face into a constellation,” it’s ultimately a mildly effective treatment designed for the social media audience. It might be fun to pepper your face with stars for a selfie, but most people don’t want to sport a constellation when they’re in meetings, on dates, or even running errands.

Starface was created by a former beauty editor at Elle, so the patches definitely have fashion clout. However, the idea of fashion is that it’s a choice. Clothes, makeup, and accessories come off at the end of the day and you can decide which style is appropriate for different events. Using Starface for acne control makes it impossible to control how these patches are placed on your face.

Clear Skin Is One Call Away

If you have very mild, occasional acne and love the idea of having a “Starface,” go for it! But if you’re like millions of Americans who want to take their acne seriously and give it the boot, you need a dermatology expert. Laser treatments, medical-grade products, and microneedling are just a few treatments that can banish acne for good. (And if you feel like you’re missing out, you can always sticker your face just for fun!). Gain control over your acne today, and get in touch with RefinedMD to schedule your consultation.