You’re in Good Hands With Our Aestheticians

You’re in Good Hands With Our Aestheticians | RefinedMD, Los Gatos

You’re in Good Hands With Our Aestheticians

At RefinedMD in Los Gatos, we offer both dermatological and aesthetic services—but what’s the difference? Aestheticians specialize in cosmetic treatments for the skin and face, and what they’re qualified to perform depends on the state where they work. RefinedMD is proud to boast some of the best aestheticians in the field who have the highest of ethical standards. Many come from medical backgrounds and are committed to helping patients achieve the skin and aesthetics they deserve.

Aesthetic Services at RefinedMD

Acne Treatment

At RefinedMD, many patients choose to combine dermatological and aesthetic services. For instance, many acne sufferers don’t have much luck with over the counter treatments. They require prescriptions and treatments from dermatologists. However, treating acne is just part of the process. Acne leaves behind dark patches and scarring that can last for years in many cases. Combining acne treatments with aesthetician services like chemical peels and facials help restore your pre-acne, gorgeous glow.

Peels, Facials, and Dermalinfusion

Aestheticians focus not only on chemical peels and facials, but also dermalinfusion treatments and extractions. Clogged pores aren’t just a recipe for acne. They also make skin look dull and older. Clogged pores look bigger and make makeup application more difficult. It’s never a good idea to pop pimples or squeeze out clogged pores at home. Micro injuries can lead to bacterial infections and scarring. Worse, you may not even realize you’ve damaged your skin until it’s too late!


One of the most enjoyable experiences for many clients is a regular extraction appointment. Aestheticians safely and quickly un-clog pores to prevent breakouts, reduce pore size, and give you cleaner, smoother skin and pores that instantly look smaller. Clogged pores happen to everyone. Our pore size has a genetic component, and environmental factors from dust to makeup can quickly clog them. Depend on a skilled aesthetician to keep your pores in good shape.


Dermalinfusion treatments resurface the skin by simultaneously exfoliating and removing dead skin cells. Afterward, customized serums are applied to treat a variety of concerns, from acne to age spots and wrinkles. Clean, exfoliated skin is best suited to absorb products, giving patients the ultimate skin treatment experience.

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