“At Home CoolSculpting” Yields Dangerous Results

“At Home CoolSculpting” Yields Dangerous Results | RefinedMD

“At Home CoolSculpting” Yields Dangerous Results

Anyone with a child in school knows that Tik Tok trends are skyrocketing dangerous circumstances—but kids aren’t the only ones falling for social trends. RefinedMD has seen an influx of patients who have heard about trying CoolSculpting at home. After all, how hard can it be? The technology behind CoolSculpting was inspired by an accidental 1970s discovery that had researchers noticing that young children who had a penchant for Popsicles had less fat in their face. These kids were unknowingly “CoolSculpting away” facial fat cells, but there’s a lot more to sculpting via freezing temperatures than enjoying a cold treat.

The technical term for CoolSculpting is cryolipolysis, and this is something that should only ever be performed by experts such as dermatologists, MDs, and estheticians at medical facilities. It works by freezing away unwanted fat cells via a specialized applicator. CoolSculpting can be performed just about anywhere on the body where you have unwanted fat, including the stomach, arms, legs, and even under the chin. CoolSculpting requires several initial sessions spaced a few weeks apart since it relies on the body to absorb and remove the frozen fat cells. It sounds pretty simple, which is why some have taken to trying DIY approaches at home—often with irreversibly poor and risky results.

The Delicacies of CoolSculpting

Simply put, few people are qualified to perform CoolSculpting. There are even some so-called day spas offering the treatment from people who have not undergone adequate training. CoolSculpting isn’t just freezing away fat cells, even though that’s often the simplified way of describing the treatment. During a proper CoolSculpting treatment, your provider uses an applicator to target the unwanted fat cells. It feels (and can look!) a bit like a vacuum. The targeted area is, in a sense, separated from the rest of the body—including the areas that should not be exposed to freezing temperatures.

Although the “methods” for DIY CoolSculpting vary, they often include ice cubes or other frozen items. Directly placing very cold items on the skin can indeed freeze the skin, but probably won’t reduce fat cells (the children in the 1970s were part lucky and part benefiting from the fact that they were eating their treats—not pressing them against their skin for long periods). Just like any other time your skin is exposed to freezing temperatures for long stretches of time, there is a risk of frostbite and permanent tissue damage. If this occurs, emergency medical treatment may be required.

Treat Yourself to the Real Deal: CoolSculpting

It’s no surprise that many people try DIY CoolSculpting. This is a cosmetic treatment that is not covered by insurance. Many patients do save up for their CoolSculpting sessions while others opt for a special medical/cosmetic credit card to fund their sessions. Although CoolSculpting is not an alternative to liposuction (as liposuction is a surgery that can remove much more fat at once), it is still a means of sculpting and contouring the body by getting rid of small amounts of fat cells for good. When fat cells “die” by freezing, those particular cells will not grow back.

Still, for those at or near their goal weight and struggling with problem areas, CoolSculpting is a fantastic solution that can get you past a plateau. It’s also much more affordable than surgical options like liposuction, and with practically zero risks. CoolSculpting requires no needles and no downtime. It can feel a little strange for first-timers, but most clients scroll through their phone, work, or watch a show or read a book during their sessions.

Is CoolSculpting for You?

If you’d like to learn more about the intricacies of CoolSculpting and how it might help you reach your goals, talk to the leading experts in body contouring today. We can’t wait to help you take your fitness goals to the next level. CoolSculpting offers a means of finally being able to tackle those stubborn pockets of fat and show off the muscles hiding below the surface.

CoolSculpting can also be combined with other body contouring procedures like Emsculpt NEO. CoolSculpting is a proven treatment that has been one of the most requested for years, and clients at RefinedMD love their results. Most clients require about 5 appointments spaced a few weeks apart. Schedule your consultation for CoolSculpting today by calling the office, starting a chat, or filling out the online form.