Average American Spends $15,000 in Their Lifetime on Skin Care: Here’s How to Get Better Products for Less

Average American Spends $15,000 on Skin Care | RefinedMD

Average American Spends $15,000 in Their Lifetime on Skin Care: Here’s How to Get Better Products for Less

It’s estimated by the US Census and Simmons National Consumer Survey that the average American spends $322.88 every year on skin care—that’s about $15,000 in someone’s lifetime. But did you know that while it might seem like you’re paying more when choosing medical-grade skin care products, you’ll actually save money in the long run while taking much better care of your skin? That’s why at RefinedMD we exclusively offer medical-grade products from lines like Epionce, Alastin, Sente, and many more. Here’s how it works.

According to the survey, the average person will spend 46.5 years of their life in a “dedicated skin care” routine. This doesn’t necessarily mean they are sticking with the same product(s) this entire time, but rather consistently committed to taking care of their skin at home. Since the average lifetime is of course much longer than 46 years (even accounting for childhood), this suggests that most people start skin care too late and don’t continue it into their golden years. These are both mistakes. It’s never too early (or too late) to take better care of your skin.

Skin Care for All Your Years

Many people regret not protecting their skin when they were younger, especially since the majority of sun damage is actually caused by UV exposure during childhood. As soon as you are able to start taking care of your skin, that’s the right time to start. Unfortunately, many people in their teens and twenties either don’t have a quality skin care regimen or don’t stick with it on a regular basis. This is also a time when people typically don’t have a lot of disposable income—which means those who do prioritize skin care will usually count on discount or drugstore products.

It might look like you’re getting a good deal on moisturizers, sunscreen, and other products at big box stores, but what you’re really buying is filler. Only medical-grade products can legally carry the best ingredients at concentrations that will actually improve and protect your skin. That jug of moisturizer probably isn’t doing much, and in turn you’re going to use a lot of it in an attempt to get results. A medical-grade product might look smaller, but a little bit goes a long way—and is actually changing your skin for the better.

Skin Care for Life

On the other end of the spectrum, some people might stop their skin care routine at a certain age. This might be called aging gracefully, but in reality your skin is the biggest organ you have and will always benefit from care—especially as you get older and skin becomes thinner and more delicate. You will have different goals for your skin at every season of life, but one thing should remain constant: your skin deserves actual high-quality care at every age.

The survey does reveal some good news. It’s largely men and teenagers who are driving the uptick in the skin care market, which means these two demographics that previously bypassed skin care are taking notice. It is estimated that acne skin care product sales are going to grow from $2.3 billion in 2020 to $4.2 billion by 2027, which is fantastic news. After all, acne is a medical condition (really!) that can be painful and even cause lasting marks in severe cases. It’s also expected that the so-called men’s skin care market will grow from $11.6 billion to $18.92 billion in 2027, which is also fantastic. One of the primary reasons for skin care is to protect this organ, especially from skin cancer. A good medical-grade sunscreen can help you decrease your odds of skin cancer (with youthful skin to boot).

Take Your Skin Care to the Next Level

No matter what your skin concerns might be, opting for medical-grade products just makes sense in every way—including financially. Working with an expert to determine the right products for you right now is the best way to create an at-home regimen that is effective and financially reasonable. Need help getting started? Consider that hand cream was by far the standout in online searches last year (likely from all that new handwashing!). Of course, hand cream is just one option to discuss during your consultation.

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