Beauty Lover Shares Her AquaGold Experience with Sarasota Magazine

Beauty Lover Shares Her AquaGold Experience | RefinedMD

Beauty Lover Shares Her AquaGold Experience with Sarasota Magazine

What do you get when you take microneedling to the next level? AquaGold, the celebrity-loved “microneedling” treatment that combines all the power of microneedling with state-of-the-art technology and techniques. Heather Dunhill, a beauty guru always eager to try the latest treatments, shared her first AquaGold experience with Sarasota magazine. She had the following to say, “efforts to combat facial gravity are unending”—making AquaGold a natural must for her. She tried it out in January, when most people’s skin needs some revitalization after the holidays and onset of winter.

AquaGold spent seven years being tested in clinical trials before it became available. It gives skin up to 2,000 micro-injections per minute via hollow gold needles, all while simultaneously delivering custom-selected serums and topicals into the dermis. It’s more like a stamping technique that delivers a serum rather than the old school method of simply creating microchannels with needles and no serums. Of course, skilled aestheticians would always recommend a client bathe their skin in medical-grade skin care immediately after microneedling but 1) that didn’t always happen and 2) it’s simply not nearly as effective as actually injecting the serums into the dermis during the treatment.

The Midas Touch of Microneedling

Unlike other microneedling devices, AquaGold is aptly named and made of tiny needles comprised of 20 – 24k gold. They are so small that they are thinner than a human hair, which means it’s a comfortable treatment that feels more like exfoliation than needling. It can feel a little prickly, but it’s tolerable and fast. As soon as the procedure is done, you’ll see some results. Dunhill describes her immediate post-treatment look as tightened, plumped in the right way, and “airbrushed.” However, keep in mind that microneedling is a slow and steady process. It’s also a form of collagen induction therapy (in fact, that’s how microneedling began). This means it kick-starts collagen and elastin production below the surface so that results keep getting better in the weeks and months after the treatment.

So, what exactly does AquaGold infuse into your skin? That will be decided by you and your provider. However, common ingredients include Botox, fillers, or a cocktail of vitamins. According to Dunhill, if, like her, “you’re a person of a certain age with orange peel or crepe-like skin setting in—well, until AquaGold, there was no effective way to combat it.” She explains that not even traditional fillers were working like they used to for her because they go too deep into the skin to actually improve superficial concerns like crepe-skin. AquaGold goes deeper than other microneedling, but it’s still “just” 0.6 mm in depth. That makes it ideal for treating more superficial issues while simultaneously stimulating collagen production deeper in the dermis.

What to Expect with AquaGold

AquaGold isn’t just reserved for the face. Yu can also get it in the neck and chest (like Dunhill chose to) or virtually anywhere else on the body. Dunhill’s concoction included Vitamin C for diminishing brown spots and brightening the skin along with Botox to freeze fine lines and minimize pores. She also got Juvederm Ultra XS to soften the lines and hyaluronic acid for hydration and volume. She does caution that there is a little bit of down time. Dunhill says she was “splotchy” after her treatment, largely due to the crystallized Vitamin C. She recommends scheduling appointments for the late afternoon so you can go straight home. By the next day, she was ready to face the world looking younger, brighter, and fresher.

Most people are recommended to get three treatments spaced one month apart followed by maintenance sessions every three months. You might have a take home kit for added care, too, depending on the type of serums that are recommended for you. Dunhill was asked to brush off vitamin crystals six hours after her treatment with a cotton pad, then splash on cold water and apply a medical-grade serum to soothe the skin. Your own after care will be individualized just for you.

Are you ready to experience the ultimate in microneedling? Whether you’ve never had any form of microneedling before or you’re a veteran of this minimally invasive procedure, AquaGold is something you have to try. Schedule your appointment today by calling RefinedMD or filling out the online contact form.