Book a Peel with an Aesthetician Today

Book a Peel with an Aesthetician Today | RefinedMD, Los Gatos + San Jose

Book a Peel with an Aesthetician Today

From chemical peels to professional facials, there are numerous treatments at RefinedMD offered by highly skilled aestheticians. These comfortable, non-invasive procedures can take years off of your skin and are the perfect lunch hour pampering session. Book your treatment today to feel better and look better.

Aestheticians specialize in a number of treatments, including the highly effective chemical peel. Aptly named, this treatment uses a variety of chemicals to remove the upper layers of the skin and reveal younger, dewier skin below the surface. Every client’s treatment plan is unique and is based on their skin, goals, and any sensitivities.

How Peels Help Your Skin

Chemical peels can vary from mild to intense. Bear in mind that intense chemical peels can require a few days of healing. While clients are perfectly capable of performing most daily tasks, such as going to work, for those planning a chemical peel for a special event, careful calendaring is in order. You want to allow for a few days of healing time. Never had a chemical peel before? A milder peel will let you see how your skin responds and what amount of downtime is necessary.

A professional facial is another option, which comes with zero downtime. RefinedMD aestheticians are equipped with a wide range of products. Whether you want your skin to look younger, improve your glow, or soothe stressed-out skin, there is a customized approach for everyone.

Choose from a number of aesthetician services, including CoolSculpting. There is no need to wait to see a doctor to start freezing away unwanted fat. CoolSculpting targets small areas of the body where fat loss is desired to shape and contour. It can take weeks and up to six months for full results to show. It is a popular alternative to liposuction, offering permanent fat loss.

Indulge yourself and enjoy a younger-looking you starting today. Get in touch with RefinedMD and book your aesthetician service now.