Reminder: Book Your Derm Appointment Before the End of Year

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Reminder: Book Your Derm Appointment Before the End of Year

We tend to neglect our skin, always making sure to see our dentist and GP every year but forgetting about our dermatologist. Even if you don’t have what you consider a “serious” skin condition, the vast majority of people are struggling with skin diseases and disorders—but help is available. RefinedMD is your home for medical and cosmetic dermatological needs. Book your appointment before the end of the month and check one more thing off your to do list. Self-care is paramount to a healthy and happy life, and since our skin is our biggest organ, it’s important we look after it.

There are thousands of dermatological conditions, and many of them straddle the fence between medical and cosmetic. For example, acne. Most people have acne at some point in their lives, so we tend not to think of it as a big deal. However, less severe acne including whiteheads and blackheads can seriously do a number on our self-esteem. More aggressive forms of acne, like cystic acne, can be painful and cause permanent scarring. Acne is not a “rite of passage” or something you should just put up with. Treatments are available, but you’re probably going to have to see an expert. Over-the-counter acne treatments are very limited and only work for some people with the least severe kinds of acne.

Doubling Down on Acne Treatment

There are many types of acne, and the good news is that all are treatable. The most common dermatological methods for acne treatment include medical-grade prescription topicals (as well as oral) and laser skin rejuvenation. There are many kinds of lasers and energy-based devices on the market. Some are more appropriate for treating active acne while others are better equipped for tackling the lingering results of acne: scarring.

Acne is one of the most common causes of scarring. “Scarring” can include “icepicks” (holes) in the skin, raised scarring (particularly for those prone to keloids), and may even present as hyperpigmentation. It is frustrating that when you finally get your active acne under control, you still have reminders of breakouts that don’t seem to go away. Lasers are an excellent solution for undoing acne scarring, but microneedling and chemical peels are also fantastic options. Oftentimes, mixing and matching treatments is the best way to get beautiful, fast results.

Dark Spots

Acne is just one cause of hyperpigmentation. A localized pigmented area can present as a mole, be caused from sun damage, and there’s also stubborn melasma. Melasma is a kind of hyperpigmentation that is especially tough to remove and can appear as virtually any color (including gray). Hormone shifts are a major trigger for melasma, which is why it is dubbed the “mask of pregnancy” in some cases. However, even melasma can be treated with the right tools and technology.

The appropriate dermatological treatment for your dark spots depends on the type of hyperpigmentation as well as your skin tone. Topicals, lasers, and microneedling remain the gold standard for this common condition, and rest assured that we have a myriad of options for different medical-grade topicals as well as state-of-the-art lasers. In most cases, multiple sessions will be required to completely lighten hyperpigmentation and winter is the best time to get started with these treatments. You can undo summer sun damage now and achieve clear, healthy skin by the spring.

Why Make Dermatology Part of Your Life

The right treatment is based on the right diagnosis, and that’s something only a dermatologist can provide. These medical professionals focus on the skin and can help you get an outcome that is both healthy and aesthetically pleasing. It might seem like you’re embarking on a cosmetic journey when treating acne or brown spots, but many times you’re actually undergoing a medical dermatological treatment.

To book your dermatology appointment today, get in touch with our team. We are keeping slots open for you because we know how important looking and feeling your best is this time of year. Contact RefinedMD today by calling the office or complete the online contact form right now.