Botox and the Kardashians: A LTR We Ship

Botox and the Kardashians: A LTR We Ship | RefinedMD

Botox and the Kardashians: A LTR We Ship

While the Kardashians aren’t always completely transparent about what they’ve had “done,” Kim has always been upfront about her routine Botox injections. Botox isn’t just a must-have for celebrities, but it has become a staple treatment for men and women at large (just as Samantha from Sex and the City predicted, it’s as commonplace these days as a manicure or pedicure). In a recent episode of The Kardashians, fans took to comment sections when they noticed that Kim’s nose wrinkles when she laughs—but not her forehead. They were quick to claim “too much Botox,” but in reality the forehead is one of the first places a person gets Botox and many times they prefer to get rid of those horizontal lines and angry elevens entirely.

It shouldn’t be any surprise that Kim gets Botox in her forehead, and in a different episode during the same season she credited Botox for looking so youthful at 42. However, what fans didn’t seem to discuss is the fact that Botox is also a well-used tool for getting rid of “bunny lines” for those who would like to do so. Some people have more pronounced bunny lines—the wrinkles that form on the sides of the top of the nose’s bridge, near the eyes—than others. Some people love their bunny lines because that in itself does mimic a cute, youthful appearance. Others prefer to get rid of them. No matter how you feel about your bunny lines, it’s clear that Kim embraces hers.

Botox for Everywhere

The most common injection sites for Botox are the forehead, between the brows, right above the brows (to create a more elegant arch), and around the eyes to address crow’s feet. However, you can technically inject Botox just about anywhere. For instance, it can be used to stop excessive sweating, which is especially prevalent in the summer months. It can also create the appearance of a fuller upper lip with a lip flip while also hiding a gummy smile.

Botox also has several medical benefits and has been shown to help prevent migraines. Numerous recent studies are linking it to other pros, from treating depression to maybe even being an effective tool for dementia prevention (in many cases, these are preliminary studies and much more research is needed). Botox has been a beloved tool to help people look and feel their best for decades, so it’s surprising that we are still trying to gauge which celeb “has it,” who doesn’t—and sometimes who needs it.

Customizing Your Aesthetic

Bunny lines aren’t discussed very often when we talk about lines and wrinkles because they are almost always dynamic wrinkles. They aren’t caused by age and they typically go away when a person isn’t laughing or smiling, regardless of their age. However, they are still a wrinkle and, as such, the muscles causing those wrinkles can be temporarily paralyzed with Botox. Most people who want to get rid of them find that the wrinkles are so severe that they interfere with the aesthetic of the face when smiling. Another celeb with prominent bunny lines is Jennifer Garner, though she has gone on record to say that she told her daughters to put off getting Botox for as long as possible—which isn’t necessarily the best advice since younger people can use Botox as a pre-juvenation technique. Why not prevent wrinkles instead of waiting for them to form and then treating them?

Garner isn’t the only person in her family to have experience with Botox. Recently, her ex-husband Ben Affleck made headlines when it was alleged that J. Lo “forced” him to get Botox (supposedly to keep up with her own youthful appearance). Of course, these are all rumors and neither Affleck nor Lopez have spoken up about the topic.

Botox is, or at least should be, a personal decision. It is just one of many tools to help clients look and feel their best. Not only can it help people look younger, but it can also minimize frown lines for a refreshed, healthier look. If you’d like to know more about Botox and other filler options, get in touch with RefinedMD today. Give us a call during business hours or fill out the online contact form right now.