“Butt First,” Qwo

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“Butt First,” Qwo

Endo Aesthetics, the makers of the first FDA-approved injectable for treating cellulite, just launched its latest campaign—“butt first,” you’re going to want to know more about this revolutionary procedure. Available at RefinedMD, Qwo is a series of three injections, each spaced three weeks apart, that dissolves the bands causing cellulite. Right now, it’s only available for use in the buttocks of women (chosen since over 90 percent of women have or will have cellulite, and the derriere is one of the most common areas).

The Butt First campaign is slated to feature over 200 patients around the United States. You’ll be able to see for yourself real results as participants share their Qwo stories. This injectable has now been available for two years, and in that time thousands of people have discovered the benefits of a quick and easy injectable to undo one of the most common skin issues. Moderate to severe cellulite can be treated with Qwo, but keep in mind that temporary bruising is a common side effect. This makes winter the perfect time to Qwo up. Bruising will be completely subsided well before swimsuit season and full results will be visible by the warmer months.

The Cellulite Struggle

Until recently, there has been no effective method for treating cellulite that was also quick and minimally invasive. There is a surgical procedure that snips the bands causing cellulite, but it takes much longer, can be uncomfortable, and of course there are always risks with surgeries (even minor ones). Plus, even this surgery doesn’t offer permanent results. There is no means of getting rid of cellulite forever since bands will always reform, but with Qwo you can always opt for additional future treatments. On average, results from Qwo last about two years.

Talking about cellulite can be tough because it’s a confidence-buster. One of the primary goals of the Butt First campaigns is to provide a platform for both patients and doctors to enjoy “judgment-free” discourse about this condition. Most women, regardless of age, race, or size, are going to have cellulite. Even though excess fat doesn’t cause cellulite, it can contribute to its appearance, which is why the buttocks of women is such a common cellulite site.

What Exactly is Cellulite?

Cellulite is harmless—but embarrassing. It is a centralized change in the texture of the skin and can be present as early as puberty. The appearance of cellulite has been linked with shifts in dermal thickness as well as fat cells and connective tissue. Previously, methods for “getting rid of” cellulite were largely topicals. Of course, hydrated and moisturized skin is going to look smoother than dry skin. But this isn’t actually solving the cause of cellulite. Over the years, there has been a lot of misinformation about cellulite. Butt First aims to fix that.

According to the senior vice president and general manager of the makers of Qwo, Butt First was designed to share the real facts about causes and treatments for cellulite. Simultaneously, it is created to connect emotionally with women. Rob Catlin says, “The multi-channel campaign encourages women who are bothered by their cellulite to start a conversation with their aesthetic provider to find out if treatment with Qwo is an appropriate option.”

Qwo and You

Butt First takes a step in the right direction of making cellulite a normal part of everyday conversation, particularly between client and provider. “We want to empower women to put themselves first,” says the makers of Qwo. “And if cellulite is something that bothers them, their butts first.” Endo is hosting hundreds of events around the country in the coming months, all designed to be “fun, supportive and educational.” However, if you’d rather work exclusively with your local trusted provider, we’ve got your back—and butt.

At RefinedMD, we only offer the best, safest, and proven methods for addressing all of your skin care needs. And for those who aren’t women and/or need cellulite treatment in an area besides their backside, there’s always Emtone. Emtone is approved for men and women, all areas, and comes from the makers of BTL (the creators of Emsculpt). To learn more about cellulite treatment, call our office to schedule a consult or fill out the online contact form today.