Can You Survive the ApocaLIPS?

Can You Survive the ApocaLIPS? | RefinedMD, Los Gatos + San Jose

Can You Survive the ApocaLIPS?

Can You Survive the ApocaLIPS? We can! Our ApocaLIPS special includes 3 key ingredients to get the perfect pout to pucker up:

• Lip filler
• Dior Addict Lip Stain
• Alastin INhance

This trifecta is mask-safe and 100% capable of transforming your face! Lip fillers from expert injectors yield gorgeous results that are dramatic yet natural-looking. We pair this scary good deal with Alastin INhance to optimize the experience. It speeds up recovery, minimizes bruising and swelling, and amps up plumpness and hydration. The cool applicator gives you instant comfort during the lip injection, and Enhance works with your skin to quickly remove collagen and elastin that is damaged. What does this mean? New elastin and collagen can more easily develop, maximizing your results.

Now that you’ve got the perfect pout, make it stand out even more with the right color. The beloved Dior Addict Lip Stain is the first long-wearing tint from the designer brand, comfortable and lasting 12+ hours with zero transfer. From kissing to eating and warding off zombies, no day is too demanding for this all-day wear.

The Power of Three

Yes, the right lip color and lip filler can make a big difference when it comes to rejuvenating your face. However, for the best results (no matter your skin goals!), a combination of treatments is usually required. The lips are no different. Although bruising and swelling from lip injections is common, that doesn’t mean you have to put up with these side effects. Get the look you want faster, reduce downtime, and increase your comfort with medical-grade Alastin INhance.

Of course, after-care is equally important. After all, what’s the point of achieving stunning lips if you don’t have the right long-wearing color to have all eyes on you? Lip stains and tattoos give you the confidence to face the day boldly no matter what it has in store—even if it’s an ApocaLIPS.

RefinedMD has long been committed to providing our clients with the best results, and now that the ApocaLIPS have arrived we have everything you need to face the end of days fiercely. Beyond providing you with the best medical-grade skin care products, we are also dedicated to making sure you top those must-have products with the best designer cosmetics. Don’t worry about trial and error, or spending hundreds of dollars on so-called couture cosmetics that don’t live up to the hype. We know Dior has the best lip stain technology available, and that’s why we’ve paired it with our best lip offer yet.

What to Expect Post-ApocaLIPS

Most clients report that swelling and bruising subsides about one week after lip injections, but with this package you can enjoy a much shorter downtime. Minimal bruising and swelling means getting a more kissable mouth faster. Many clients try out their Dior Addict Lip Stain just a day or two post-injections! Get ready to kiss your other lipsticks goodbye, because once you’ve seen what Dior can do with your new look, you’re never going to settle for anything else.

All lip injections are temporary, but can vary in how long they last based on your body and the type of filler. However, most client choose to maintain their results with additional injections in 6 – 12 months. During your consultation, you will learn how long individual results will last and get all of your questions answered.

If you already love lip fillers from RefinedMD, you’re going to *freak* over this deal. And what if you’ve been wanting to try lip injections but haven’t made the leap yet? There’s no better time to discover what everyone’s raving about. The ApocaLIPS deal is just $500, regular $750, so you can save a ghastly good amount right in time for the spooky season. Let’s work together to give you luscious lips you deserve and crave. Connect with RefinedMD today by calling the office or filling out the online form to book your consultation or appointment for the ApocaLIPS special. Actual purchase must be made in-office. Who knew the end of days could look so good?