Celebrities Praise Emface in Vogue Philippines

Celebrities Praise Emface in Vogue Philippines

What are celebrities in the Philippines (and everywhere!) using to turn back the clock on their face? According to a recent issue of Vogue Pihilippines, it’s all about Emface, the latest technology from BTL, the makers of Emsuclpt and Emsculpt NEO. It’s also one of the most in-demand procedures at RefinedMD for patients who want a non-invasive approach to facial toning, lifting, and tightening or who want to optimize and extend the results of facelifts, Botox, fillers, ThermageFLX, Ultherapy, and a suite of other options. According to Bretman Rock, the cover model for the Vogue issue, his trip to Perlas ng Silanganan inspired his most recent aesthetic. However, in preparation for a big event, he also opted for Emface “to firm up my skin and rejuvenate it from sun exposure [on the island].” He reveals that Emface “brought out my radiant island boy skin.”

Actress Bea Alonzo agrees as she discusses with a Vogue journalist how she went about choosing a dress for a gala. She credited Emface as being part of the “team” that helped her look and feel her best, saying, “It takes a village for us to look good … a definite must-do for me is to pay attention to my skin.” Alonza says, “One of the treatments I got in my hotel room today was Emface. It’s a way to lift, hydrate, and contour my face in no time.” Alonza got the treatment the day of the gala, which highlights just how little downtime comes with it. However, keep in mind that results from Emface take a few weeks to show, so it is likely that Alonza has been undergoing treatments for some time and this was her maintenance booster session.

Emface for Everyone

Kyline Alcantara, an actress, discussed how Emface fits into her regimen. She planned a little ahead, booking a session a few days before an event. Her goal was to “do some treatments that could make me feel more poised in my Coperni cut-out dress.” At 21 years old, Alcantara is a great candidate for using Emface not to tighten, but rather to contour and as preventative measures. Emface has the same basic technology as Emsculpt, targeting the muscles of the face that lift so that the face looks more sculpted from the inside out. Just like muscles anywhere else on the body, it’s never too early to start getting them in shape.

Alcantara also got body lasering and hydration during her Emface session which, according to the writer, were great but it was Emface that brought it all together to “match her already toned body … [Emface] made her face radiant for the event.” The actress goes on to describe how Emface feels, stating “There’s a tickling sensation to it but the pay-off of a firm skin is what I was excited about.” She also prioritizes getting plenty of sleep and water—she also points out how long days of shooting can lead to dull skin so a solid at-home skin care routine is a must.

There is also a belief in the Philippines, which Alcantara shares, that when you love yourself and care for yourself, it changes your aura ad brings out an inner glow. Who could deny that?

The Benefits of Emface

Kylie Verzosa, a fellow celeb, agrees that traveling can really bring down your skin. The actress focuses on nourishing her skin through a combination of in-office and at-home treatments. She loves Emface and says that she uses it to prep for projects, events, and points out that it’s perfect at just 10 minutes to squeeze into any schedule. “It’s so important to have your own form of self-confidence, you know,” she explains. “Take time to slow down and know yourself to the fullest. Don’t let others define who you are.”

Emface is suitable for men and women of all ages and with all skin tones and types. If you’re looking for a fast, easy, and effective way to amp up your skin care routine while turning back the clock, Emface is for you. No consultation is necessary prior to booking. Schedule your appointment with RefinedMD today by calling the office or completing the online form.