Chin Up: This Dermal Filler Site is Gaining in Popularity

Chin Up: This Dermal Filler Site is Gaining in Popularity

Chin Up: This Dermal Filler Site is Gaining in Popularity

Most people were introduced to dermal fillers via lip fillers—especially during the Kylie Jenner era. However, you can use hyaluronic acid (HA) dermal fillers virtually anywhere on the face. In recent months, chin fillers have been all the rage, particularly as a minimally invasive alternative to chin implants or chin augmentation. An implant requires surgery, and was highlighted on “Vanderpump Rules” when Stassi Schroeder discussed getting one. That was ten years ago, and yet the interest in chin augmentation has grown (as has the perk of avoiding unnecessary surgery).

A chin filler is just what it sounds like: dermal filler, typically made of HA, that is injected into and around the chin. The goal is to create facial proportion and balance, often creating a chin where there was previously a weak one. Two of the most common types of chin fillers are Juvederm and Restylane, but there are also some other options including Radiesse. However, Radiesse falls more on the collagen induction therapy area rather than an HA filler and you won’t get immediate results. Plus, HA fillers, especially for the chin, offer more predictability and, if needed, reversibility.

Choosing a Chin Filler

Ultimately, the right chin filler for you will be selected in conjunction with your injector. RefinedMD offers a myriad of options when it comes to dermal fillers because each filler has its own strengths and unique properties. This will all be discussed during your consultation. It’s also important to know that there are some key differences between getting filler in the chin vs. other areas of the face. In most other cases, the goal is a “head-on result.” Chin fillers are more geared towards improving your profile (so you will see the biggest change from the side rather than when looking straight-on). Filler on the chin is being deposited along bony surfaces, leading to a projection.

Your injector will look at your Esthetic Plane (also known as an E Plane). The goal is to reshape as informed by deficits. A great injector will consider lip protrusion as well. It’s always important to make sure you have an expert injector taking care of your fillers, but with the chin it is absolutely crucial. HA fillers are temporary, but can last several months since this area is not as mobile as, for example, the lips. Technically HA fillers are reversible, but doing so is a process. You deserve to have results you’ll love, and that requires working with skilled professional injectors.

Chin Filler Results

Most people interested in a chin filler have recessed or “weak” chins, but not all of them. Some clients are looking to improve their facial proportions by manipulating the length of their lower face. Chin filler can also strengthen the jawline and even help with sagging or scarring. If you want a better profile, struggle with a weak chin, and currently aren’t interested in surgery, a chin filler might be for you. Some clients also use it as a way of seeing what surgery might look like. Fillers can be a great precursor or test drive for more aggressive treatments.

During your consultation, it will be determined if you’re a good candidate for chin fillers and the filler will be selected. A full-face assessment will take place, goals will be discussed, and expectations set. Aftercare is also discussed during the consultation as well as the appointment. The procedure itself takes less than ten minutes. Just like filler injected anywhere else, some soreness, redness, or swelling is to be expected, but these side effects dissipate quickly.

Your Chin Filler Results

On average, chin fillers last 9 – 14 months. They can then be maintained if you’d like. There is no way to determine exactly how long this filler lasts since everyone metabolizes differently. However, it is well-known for being a relatively long-lasting treatment. Many people fall in love with the results and find that an annual “top up” is just what they need to maintain the results they love.

If you’re interested in chin filler, fillers in other locations, or any other kind of injectable like Botox or Kybella, contact RefinedMD today. Get in touch by calling the office during business hours or, for the quickest response, simply complete the online contact form now.